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Relative passed away unexpectedly.

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imwithspud Sun 20-Sep-15 21:53:25

My cousin collapsed due to a blood clot today and didn't wake up. We weren't really close and hadn't seen each other or really spoke properly for a couple of years, but I'm still completely shocked and saddened by her passing. She was young and had two young daughters. I can't stop thinking about the turmoil and confusion they must be going through right now.

It's so awful and I can't believe it sad

ENtertainmentAppreciated Mon 21-Sep-15 13:45:14

It will take you a time to grieve and come to terms with the sudden loss. Even though you weren't particularly close you can still be sad and worried for her family.

It's always shocking when someone young loses their life and totally unprepared in every way. For you flowers

imwithspud Mon 21-Sep-15 15:11:05

Thank you, I haven't stopped thinking about her, her children and her mother (my auntie, who I'm a bit closer to and talk to more regularly via FB), It's so strange to think that she's gone. We may not have spoken recently, but I do have some happy childhood memories of us together.

Selfishly, It's made me really aware that non of us have any idea of what's around the corner. That the worst can happen at any time to anyone and it really scares me. I can't bear the thought of me leaving my children without a mum.

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