Going to see my sis and want to buy her a small gift....

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carla Sat 08-May-04 14:54:55

I took my best friend some flowers and she burst into tears, but I think that was just because it was the realisation that someone else appreciated how she was feeling.

popsycal Sat 08-May-04 14:26:50

Thanks suzy - I wondered about the candle but worried that it may be too significant if you know what I mean.

I think that is what i will go with

thanks all xx

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suzywong Sat 08-May-04 14:22:52

Candle is a very good idea, it its important to give her the opportunity to remember the baby (not getting in to a debate but you know what I mean). We planted a grape vine inthe garden in remembrance after it happened for us. I was in her shoes four years ago before I had my boys and she's going to feel wobbley and mopey for a while yet.

But do keep her off her feet, traipsing around may make her bleed.

popsycal Sat 08-May-04 14:19:53

thanks suzy and lisa...
lisa - that is what my thinking was initially...pampering stuff....

unfortunately she doesnt have a tv in her room....

scented candle?
or is that too much like lighting a candle for someone? or would she like that
oh hell
i don't want to look insensitive with what i buy - if I buy something will it look trivial
not quite sure what to do for the best

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Lisa78 Sat 08-May-04 14:17:12

What about a set of smellies so she can pamper herself? Bubblebath, body lotion etc

suzywong Sat 08-May-04 14:15:57

Something to encourage her to stay off her feet, it's important to stay horizontal for as long as possible, does she have a vcr or dvd in her bedroom? Maybe a film or music video she can watch in bed?

popsycal Sat 08-May-04 14:14:40

any ideas?

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popsycal Sat 08-May-04 14:05:50

She had a d and c on thursday and I am going to see her in an hour or so

What could I get her?
I have a few stores nearby....big supermarkets but also a Boots, Next, etc

I have afew ideas but I don't want to go over the top but equally I do want to buy her a small token to show her we have been thinking of her.....

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