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Advice for helping my mum after her dad dies

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rctoptt Sat 18-Jul-15 17:47:45

My Grandfather is ill and has been told he will not make it to Christmas. I am prepared for the grief myself, I never knew him that well, but I am worrying about how I can help my mum after he is gone. She is the eldest of her siblings and has been helping out her mum and her siblings as he gets worse. I just know I will need to help her when the time comes and I was wondering is anybody had any advice for me. I know everyone is different in grief but any ideas to help her over the coming months would be appreciated.
I am particularly conscious of helping her because I'm about to go off to university in a few months (I'm 18). Being away will restrict me from helping her to a certain extent, and I do have 2 brothers and my dad around. I just feel I need to help her somehow. I am thinking about starting her a Graze box when it happens, I think she will like having healthy snacks just for her.

whatisforteamum Sat 18-Jul-15 18:50:41

rctoptt how lovely you are thinking about your Mum.sorry about your ill grandfather.I too have a Dad in his last months of terminal cancer and my daughter is 18.I bet your mum will want you too do well at uni as that is a weight off her mind and the graze box sounds like a great idea as a way of keeping her eating well while under stress. smile

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