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remembrance poem

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duzzlightyearsmum Sat 04-Jul-15 20:57:44

My dad died 5 years ago this year and we are having a christening for DD this year. The church have asked if we'd like to have a poem read out in remembrance. I am keen on the idea but struggling to find something suitable. I don't want something terribly morbid as it's not quite the right tone but obviously I don't want anything hugely upbeat either. So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

P.s. sorry if this is the wrong place for this

CrazyCatLady13 Sun 05-Jul-15 09:53:51

I think it's a lovely idea!

One that I like, starts with:

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep

You'll need to google it but it's a comforting poem for me.


magimedi Sun 05-Jul-15 10:10:16

I think this is a lovely poem for remembrance - I love the idea that the 'singing will never be done':

Everyone Sang
By Siegfried Sassoon

Everyone suddenly burst out singing;
And I was filled with such delight
As prisoned birds must find in freedom,
Winging wildly across the white
Orchards and dark-green fields; on - on - and out of sight.

Everyone's voice was suddenly lifted;
And beauty came like the setting sun:
My heart was shaken with tears; and horror
Drifted away ... O, but Everyone
Was a bird; and the song was wordless; the singing will never be done.

corlan Mon 06-Jul-15 11:11:29

We Remember Him - From The Yizkor Service - Adapted - A Non Religious Funeral Reading

When we are weary and in need of strength,
When we are lost and sick at heart,
We remember him.
When we have a joy we crave to share
When we have decisions that are difficult to make
When we have achievements that are based on his
We remember him.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter
At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring,
We remember him.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of summer
At the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of autumn,
We remember him.
At the rising of the sun and at its setting,
We remember him.
As long as we live, he too will live
For he is now a part of us,
As we remember him.

VulcanWoman Mon 13-Jul-15 19:15:44


And if I go, while you're still here.....
know that I live on, vibrating to a different measure,
behind a thin vale, you cannot see through.
You will not see me, so you must have faith,
I wait for you for the time when we can soar together again,
both aware of each other until then, live your life to the fullest
and when you need me just whisper my name in your heart
I will be there.

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