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Have you ever dreamt of your loved one, and actually physically felt it?

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Mermaidhair Sun 28-Jun-15 01:35:25

I had a dream last night about my gorgeous dh who passed away early last year from cancer. In this dream he hugged me from behind, I was laying on the bed. In the dream I actually felt it, like a physical feeling. It was so beautiful and comforting. I miss him so much this morning:-(

MishMooshAndMogwai Sun 28-Jun-15 04:36:41

Yes, I dreamed about my lovely grandad a couple of months ago. He held my hand and told me it was ok and that he missed me.

I woke up and burst into tears as I could still feel his hand on mine sad

Sorry for your loss op, these dreams are lovely and awful at the same time flowers

echt Sun 28-Jun-15 04:51:28

Yes, I have twice dreamed of my DB and DF and it felt like diving into a deep well, full of joy. Quite extraordinary, and the feeling persisted after waking.

Over the years, they've popped in again, always pleasing, though not the same intensity.

Kuriusoranj Sun 28-Jun-15 05:13:34

Yes definitely. The first time with my dad was a couple of weeks after he died. Extraordinarily vivid and comforting. I lost my mum much later but it happened with her too.

I researched it (cos that's the way I am) and it's very common. I imagine that's how people come to believe their loved ones visit them after death. I don't quite believe that, except I almost do. In any case whatever the reality of it, it doesn't matter at all. It is always a lovely comforting experience.

rembrandtsrockchick Sun 28-Jun-15 06:35:59

When I dream about my neice I cannot reach her to touch her but I can smell her hair, her skin. Sometimes I am within inches of her but cannot touch her. When I wake up i can still smell her. It's 23 years since she died in a car accident but I still have the dreams.

CheerfulYank Sun 28-Jun-15 06:50:36

I haven't, but my mother did.

When she was young she dreamed of her grandfather who'd died recently. He was playing cards with some friends on a dock, and she was swimming in the lake. She was underwater but could breathe and was watching him above her. She was sad she couldn't reach him, but could tell he was happy. She said when she woke, she had that cool refreshed feel you get after you've been swimming.

She described the dream to her grandmother and was shocked to find that he used to play cards, just as she'd described, and with men who looked exactly as she'd seen in her dream.

CheerfulYank Sun 28-Jun-15 06:51:29

And I'm so sorry about your DH. flowers

ELR Sun 28-Jun-15 07:12:40

I often have dreams about my grandma but never quite see her face, we could be walking along chatting or she's waving out of a window slightly out of view or we are on the phone, ect ect. The dreams are lovely and this thread has made me cry but in a good way!

Mermaidhair Sun 28-Jun-15 08:57:33

Thank you everyone. I love when I see him in a dream. He always looks so handsome and young like when we were first dating. A few days after he died, I had a dream where he rang me on a phone to tell me he was ok. I could actually hear his voice. I was so annoyed when I woke up as I had forgotten to ask him what heaven was like. These dreams are like a double edged sword. Really beautiful, but also sad as I realise what I am missing. I was really thinking that I would love to get remarried one day. But after these dreams it shows me he is still living on elsewhere and I really would rather wait until we are reunited.

Number666livesaMrMIller Sun 28-Jun-15 09:03:44

So sorry about your loss. All of the dreams sounds beautiful.
I'm very recently bereaved and last night I dreamt about the person. We were in the hospice where they passed away, sat on a bench in the garden. I couldn't look at them but we were holding hands. I could see them in the corner of my eye.
They were telling me what presents to buy and what to write in the thank you card to the hospice staff!
I've woken up feeling incredibly sad but also happy that I've 'seen' them.
Love to you all.

Flingingmelon Sun 28-Jun-15 09:05:50

Absolutely, after my father died I dreamt of us sitting together on my bed with the sun streaming down on us and him stroking my arm. When I woke up I could clearly feel the heat of the sun and his touch. It felt like a gift from my subconscious and still it's one of my dearest memories.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Sun 28-Jun-15 09:11:05

So sorry about the loss of your husband, I'm glad the dreams bring you some comfort.

I'm 5 months pregnant and the other week, I had a dream about my Grandmother. She lay her hand on my tummy and the baby kicked her hand a couple of times. She told me 'It'll all be ok now'.

When I woke up, it felt so real even though I know it wasn't. I could still remember the warmth of her hand on my tummy. It was lovely, best pregnancy dream I've had so far.

Mermaidhair Sun 28-Jun-15 09:17:17

I'm so amazed by everyone's stories. Thank you for sharingflowers

ConfusedInBath Sun 28-Jun-15 19:01:26

Someone told me once that dreaming of hugging your late loved one is a sign they are there with you.

I'd like to think so. I've had one dream of my late DS hugging me tight. Can still feel it. I woke up euphoric.

Sorry for all of your losses.

Enkopkaffetak Mon 29-Jun-15 22:17:32

When my grandma died I had a dream that she came and sat on my bed (In a room she had never been in) and I could feel her holding me like when I was a small girl.. I said to her "I never told you I loved you "and she said
" I knew that and you know I knew"

When I woke up I could still feel her and smell her. I had a peace inside me that knowledge that yes she had known I loved her.

What echt said it felt like diving into a deep well, full of joy. Quite extraordinary, and the feeling persisted after waking. I completely understand. I have never felt that type of joy yet utter peace inside me as I did as I woke after that dream.

It is 21 years ago and I still remember it.

VenusVanDamme Mon 29-Jun-15 22:35:06

After my gran died I had a dream that we were in her living room and she was sitting in her chair telling me that she was ok. My Granda was there too (still alive) and I was asking her why only I could see her. It was so vivid as if I was really visiting and she appeared just to let me know she was ok.

The next year I had important work exams and it was at the anniversary of her death. I had another dream where she was asking me what I'd studied and checking I'd done everything. She mentioned an area and I woke up at 6am to look over it as I realised I hadn't touched that topic. It came up in the exam!

caiderbugsmom Fri 03-Jul-15 18:15:31

The day after I lost my son to drowning my 1 year old daughter waved into an empty room. My daughter has to be prompted to wave at anyone so I was wondering if her big brother was saying hello. Then when everyone kept rehashing what happened to him I had to run into a room, tired of hearing what happened to my baby I suddenly just began talking, telling him it was ok and that mommy was not mad at him so if he had to go mommy would find a way to be ok, in that moment I felt a long embrace and pressure on my lips that was his exact size and hight, it was then I knew my baby was ok. He periodically checks in to reassure me he is indeed ok. I truly believe and it is because of his little signs that I can carry on the little that I can.

Mermaidhair Sat 04-Jul-15 06:56:56

That gave me goosebumps! I know your son is in heaven. flowers

gemdrop84 Mon 27-Jul-15 08:52:47

I have had these types of dream including my grandparents. They passed 6yrs ago. Now I dream of sitting with them in their home, the room is full of light and warmth. I tell them all about my family and what is going on in my life. I wake up from those dreams filled with love and happy to have seen them. I have these dreams once every few months and find them so comforting I often think is it really a dream or a sign they're in a good place? My mum died last year and I haven't dreamed of her yet, apart from last night and it was just the morning of her death all over. That was painful, I haven't stopped crying since I woke up. I hope one day I'll dream of her like I dream about my grandparents. I dont think I'm grieving well and my brain just can't process it just yet.

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