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foundintranslation Thu 16-Nov-06 09:39:16

I've got to the point where I need a break from MN. Reasons irrelevant here.

Sadly I have become a bit of an expert on the Miscarriage part of this topic in recent months and I would like to continue passing on what knowledge and comfort I can. So I would like to ask anyone who feels I could be of help to them or someone else to alert me to the relevant thread by CAT or email.

I'll bump this a couple of times today and then I'm orf.


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NomDePlume Thu 16-Nov-06 09:40:12

I hope you get what you need from the break FIT. Come back when you're ready.

throckenholt Thu 16-Nov-06 09:45:40

FIT - I hope the break is good for you and that things work out the way you want. Keep faith - you will have another baby before too much longer.

giraffeski Thu 16-Nov-06 09:45:43

Message withdrawn

foundintranslation Thu 16-Nov-06 09:47:08

I'd just rather not come on MN without a specific reason iyswim, gski.

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Uki Thu 16-Nov-06 09:53:29

Hope to see you in the ante natal thread soon.
Bye for now

foundintranslation Thu 16-Nov-06 09:57:11

sorry throckenholt and ndp, didn't want it to seem like I was ignoring you. thanks (+ uki )

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foundintranslation Thu 16-Nov-06 12:38:05

. for the afternoon

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lulumama Thu 16-Nov-06 12:41:01

our paths have not crossed much..but you always come across so eloquently and sensitively..i do hope you are ok....i am sorry you are an expert on this topic........take care and hope you will be back in the future...xx

MerlinsBeard Thu 16-Nov-06 12:49:31

FIT, i hope the break gives you what you need. You are a great help to people but there comes a point when you need to help yourself. Take care and 'see' you soon xxx

julezboo Thu 16-Nov-06 13:12:27

FIT sorry you feel the need to take a break, Ill do my best to help where I can having been through 5mc's and testing and beendiagnosed with clotting disorder!

Take care of yourself honey (((hugs)))

LIZS Thu 16-Nov-06 13:21:30

Hope all goes ok with you in the meantime FIT and you can take time out to enjoy your ds. Good luck and hope you come back soon.

MerlinsBeard Thu 16-Nov-06 16:31:56

bumping for FIT

Californifrau Thu 16-Nov-06 16:43:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 16-Nov-06 16:45:46

Good for you FIT. I hope you get a break in the general sense too. all the best

foundintranslation Thu 16-Nov-06 17:55:32

Thank you everyone. (CF - bis später )

Bump for the evening.

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saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 16-Nov-06 18:02:01

FIT - bye for now. Hope you feel able to come back in the future.

foundintranslation Thu 16-Nov-06 20:31:51


Last bump, and last post from me.

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BudaBeast Thu 16-Nov-06 20:33:54

Hope things go well for you FIT.

Come back to us.

Smurfgirl Thu 16-Nov-06 20:35:23

I hope this break gives you what you need FIT x

southeastastra Thu 16-Nov-06 20:35:42

do you still want the posters? i have a few. oh it's your last post i'll post them anyway come back soon

tribpot Thu 16-Nov-06 20:35:48

Take care, FIT. Hope to speak to you again soon. If you want to catch up with me offboard, it's tribunicia underscore potestas at hotmail dot com.

Uki - are you on an antenatal thread?!

Saturn74 Thu 16-Nov-06 20:36:23

Come back when you're ready FIT. Best wishes.

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 16-Nov-06 20:37:56

FIT. See you soon. x

sunchowder Thu 16-Nov-06 20:41:45

FIT will miss you.

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