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Five years today

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Tomfunsnumber1trolley Fri 12-Jun-15 21:27:37

5 years ago I gave birth to my first son Malachy's Aidan. He was born sleeping at 30 weeks. I feel like I've no one to remember him with (other than DH) and he's been forgotten by everyone. I just want to let him know I love him so much and I'm sure he would have been a fab big brother to his little brother. Miss you Malachy, sleep tight angel xx

Tomfunsnumber1trolley Fri 12-Jun-15 21:28:41

That should say Malachy Aidan

IMurderedStampyLongnose Fri 12-Jun-15 21:34:16

flowers for you.You gave your son a beautiful name,I really love it.

Musicaltheatremum Fri 12-Jun-15 21:34:32

I'm so sorry to hear this. People do forget and people are also afraid to say something.
I remember, every May, a little boy who was born sleeping. I was a junior doctor on call that day. I remember the terrible grief the parents went through that day. I still remember his name and can see his dad's face.
This was 1990 he would have been 25 this year.
I hope someone out there remembers. flowers

Letmegetanamechange Fri 12-Jun-15 21:36:00

I'm so sorry for your loss thanks

I'll be thinking of your beautiful little boy tonight

Tomfunsnumber1trolley Sat 13-Jun-15 22:08:03

Thank you for your kind words. I texted my mum last night and told her that we'd been to the cemetery. I saw her today for about 2 hours and she never mentioned anything to do with Malachy. I know she cares and it's just that she doesn't know what to say but it hurts.

Lovepancakes Sat 13-Jun-15 22:18:44

I am so sad for you missing your lovely boy. A mum's bond is like no other and I'm thinking of you too today.
My friend who grieves hers too told me how much it hurts that people don't refer to their son who died and I found that really helped me to know how to best be her friend as until then I didn't know if it was too painful or raw but of course now I understand it's painful anyway. Maybe you could say this to your mum too although I guess the older generation can be harder or used to dealing with things differently.

You must feel such a hole without your Malachy Aidan and your love for him is still so clear

Tomfunsnumber1trolley Sat 13-Jun-15 23:02:52

Thank you. I can't believe it's been five years, he would be finishing reception class had he lived. Then I feel conflicted as if he had lived we probably wouldn't have our 3 and a half year old.

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