Postive test - only did because of bleeding

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niceglasses Fri 10-Nov-06 10:54:01

Wow - am reeling a bit. Did pg test only because I was spotting and to sort of rule it out. Very clear positive, but have been spotting old brown blood for 2 -3 days. Had 2 mcs before (and have three children). Just wait it out? No pain just yet. Oh dear. Totally shocked as had what I thought was normal period just 2 weeks ago - seemed normal to me anyhow.

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PinkTinsel Fri 10-Nov-06 10:56:28

no advice i'm afraid, just didn't want to ignore this thread

i hope everything is ok and it's just implantation or something, afaik brown blood is old blood so doesn't necessarily mean a mc.

congratulations and best of luck

danceswithmonkeys Fri 10-Nov-06 10:56:34

What you thought was a period two weeks ago was probably implantation bleeding then. Is this a good shock or a bad one? I'm sure lots of people will advise you to wait it out but having no patience myself I would ring the early pg unit at your local hospital and ask their advice. *Good luck* and congratulations!

niceglasses Fri 10-Nov-06 11:07:15

Thanks for replying. Sort of feels v like last m/c so not getting too carried away. Good or bad? Always good I suppose, but in no way planned. Anyone know if I should stop taking Prozac just in case??

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danceswithmonkeys Fri 10-Nov-06 11:09:21

Not sure about the prozac, that's an NHS direct phonecall or your local pharmacist I think.

niceglasses Fri 10-Nov-06 13:38:36

Sorry, bump - anyone know re Prozac?

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niceglasses Sat 11-Nov-06 08:29:44

As I lay awake worrying about all this at 3am this morning I realised I should have said thank you to Danceswithwolves and that my bump seemed rude - thanks - I will ring NHS today. Still some bleeding so not too hopeful.

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niceglasses Sat 11-Nov-06 08:30:21

Danceswithmonkeys for gawds sake. Doh.

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lulumama Sat 11-Nov-06 08:33:22

.....prozac ok in first trimester i believe..but not later on in pregnancy .....IIRC...

call nhs direct 0845 46 47

or your GP or local pharmacy..

not sure if you should just just stop there is a period of withdrawal that GP can advise you on...might recommend switching to a different AD immediately to check first

hope all goes well for you.....xx

niceglasses Tue 14-Nov-06 07:46:58

Still here, still bleeding but has eased up a lot. Am still totally confused, but seeing GP today as this seems to be first step to getting scan - rang EPU and they said had to go thru GP unless in pain etc, which am not must say and starting to feel sick. Oh God what a mess............

confused of Newcastle.

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danceswithmonkeys Tue 14-Nov-06 07:50:51

Oh for goodness sake, why is it you have to have a leg hanging off before the hospital will see you Hope all goes well at the gp today. Keep us updated.

slingmadmother Wed 15-Nov-06 21:22:56

Hi there- Just posting b/c I am local and had an early m/c 2 months ago. If you ring NHS direct they arrange the EPU appointment for you... or see your dr... the BIG PITA is that EPU appointments are often 2-3 days away.

Your other option if you get any heavy bleeding is to go to Casualty- they will scan you asap that way.

I hope this is just old blood and therefore remainder of implant bleed... or at least non threatenning bleed.

Thinking of you.

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