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My dad

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Honeylavender Mon 11-May-15 07:50:43

My dad died a year ago. I am not even sure why I'm posting. Part of me feels despair at going into work but I don't know if that's 'normal' Monday morning sluggishness. I've felt disinterested and disconnected for some time (not really mad keen on the job.)

Sorry for such a pointless post. I'd already lost my mum when I was a teenager so my dad was very special to me, he was really the only family I had and he wasn't old: in his 60s. I feel so sad.

Optimist1 Mon 11-May-15 08:05:34

Sorry you're feeling blue. Mine died six years ago and I still miss him. Whilst he was alive he was always a great source of wisdom and advice - I still find myself thinking through situations by asking myself "What would Dad have said about this?". Perhaps this would help wrt your job?

minmooch Mon 11-May-15 08:17:56

It's a huge milestone. Bereavement and grief are exhausting and I find it comes in waves - some days I function normally, some moments it's like a tidal wave has hit. There's no time limit on grief, no rules as to how it effects you, when you should be 'better'. Take it gently today, be kind to yourself.

Yorkshirebornandbread Mon 11-May-15 21:25:03

My dad died a couple of weeks ago - still can't believe it. Everyone seems to be getting on with their lives though we are all in pain x

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