Disasterous meal out for anniversary of dads birthday.!

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IsItMeOr Mon 20-Apr-15 23:29:56

So sorry for your loss.

We lost DSIL in February. My view is that absolutely anything that DMIL does for the foreseeable future is completely understandable and forgiveable.

I'm not surprised your mum cried. And it's okay to cry. Something very sad indeed has happened, and you are all grieving about it.

Be gentle with yourself and your family. You will have some happy times in the future.

Gramgram Mon 20-Apr-15 23:23:26

Sorry for your loss; I lost my own Dad suddenly two years ago and I can appreciate the shock that your whole family is feeling right now.

All I can say is anniversaries and birthdays were really difficult to cope with the first year, I always felt someone was missing from the table, but last year seemed easier. Time is a great healer honestly.

Be kind to yourself, it will get better. As for meals out with family of course people will want to go out with you again.

Take care.

salopia Wed 15-Apr-15 23:39:53

Dad died very suddenly between xmas and new year at the age of 76. Never ill, all over in a day, Huge amount of shock and grief for immediate, and extended family to cope with. Anyway, went out tonight for a meal with dads siblings, my mum, and my husband and kids to e pub that was very familar to our childhood. Service was terrible, took 2 hours to get our main course and then the food was rubbish. Mum started crying and the rest of us struggled very hard to hold it together..... no one will ever want to go out with us again will they ?

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