Psychologist for my son?

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Mclary Thu 09-Apr-15 19:20:15

He's 7
He lost his father in Jan, in an accident.
I've noticed that there's definitely some anger there, coming out in rages against perceived injustices!
But then he'll turn it to Daddy, and says things like
My life is terrible
I only have bad luck
Nothing good ever happens

I went to the Gp to ask for someone to call to talk about it, but it was a locum and he never got back to me.
I'll chase him, but I just wondered if anyone had any advice?

Should I get advice on how to help him, or does he talk to someone?

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BackforGood Fri 10-Apr-15 00:37:25

You could try to go back to your GP, or look up local charities in your area.

I hear Winston's Wish is very good.
There is also a trust at our local Children's Hospital that helps bereaved children - maybe there is something like that in your area.

A quick Google also turned up Cruse children's services; griefEncounter; NHS LiveWell ; Child Bereavement UK; and many others.

I am so sorry for your loss.
Anger is a natural reaction to death, and part of the grieving circle, but, if it were my ds, I would definitely be getting him some support.
Do look after yourself too flowers

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