A message for MNers from my lovely neighbours.

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californifright Mon 30-Oct-06 17:30:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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BudaBeast Mon 30-Oct-06 17:39:00

So so sad.

Callmemadam Tue 31-Oct-06 00:01:22

So sad, but the video is lovely. Ask what we can do practically to support children like Noah?

carol3 Tue 31-Oct-06 00:16:39

so sad sat here with tears streaming so unfair

melbournemum Tue 31-Oct-06 08:30:41

so beautiful and so so sad.
what a gorgeous litle man.
Sleep peacefully and dance joyfully little angel

prettymummified Tue 31-Oct-06 08:41:31

that was so beautiful!

Imafairy Sun 05-Nov-06 08:43:11

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