Loss of 18 month old.

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sarahsofia Wed 25-Mar-15 05:44:47

Our son Loukas was a healthy little boy who died very suddenly of pneumonia when he was 18 months old. Today would have been his birthday he would have been two years old.

We have a three year old who really keeps us going but things are so difficult. Missing Loukas is overwhelming especially as we know under different circumstances he would probably still be with us.

You can read an article about what happened to Loukas below:


We still have so many questions over his treatment but it seems increasingly likely that we will not get any answers making it all much harder to deal with.

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fortheloveofmike Wed 25-Mar-15 05:49:33

I am so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy xx

MakeTeaNotWar Wed 25-Mar-15 05:51:47

What a tragedy. I am so terribly sorry for your heartbreaking loss. He was beautiful xx

KatieKaye Wed 25-Mar-15 06:00:18

I am so very, very sorry for your loss.
I will be thing of you and Loukas today and hoping you can find some peace.

StoryOfMyLife Wed 25-Mar-15 06:00:43

I'm so sorry for the loss of Loukas in such tragic circumstances. What a beautiful little boy.

Booboostoo Wed 25-Mar-15 06:54:02

I am very sorry for your tragic loss.

5YearsTime Wed 25-Mar-15 07:00:01

I can't imagine what you've been through. I am so sorry that this has happened to you and your family. He was a beautiful little boy. flowers

jenmac22 Wed 25-Mar-15 07:38:54

Hi sarahsofia,I am so very sorry, you have being living an absolute nightmare.
What a beautiful little boy Loukas is. I hope you find a little comfort from this site,I certainly have, a little.

Happy birthday to beautiful loukas.
Sending you love and hugs xx

MyDHhasnomemory Wed 25-Mar-15 07:48:06

I'm so sorry.

CaptainFabulous Wed 25-Mar-15 07:52:18

Oh SarahSofia, I am so truly sorry for your loss. Loukas was so beautiful, so sweet and bright.

There seems to have been such a lot of errors made in his care. No wonder you struggle to move on when you feel he was so badly let down.

I wish there was more I could say. flowers

Sirzy Wed 25-Mar-15 07:56:25

What a tragic story. Thoughts with you all

Allstoppedup Wed 25-Mar-15 08:01:24

How absolutely awful. He was such a gorgeous little boy. I am so sorry for your enormous loss.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

KierkegaardGroupie Thu 26-Mar-15 04:14:30

I am so so sorry. I read your story and my heart goes out to you. It sounds like you did everything you could but the system failed to act fast enough. I just want to say what a beautiful boy. You are going through one of the worst things a human can face. I hope there is some small solace in knowing your son experienced happiness and your love for his whole life. He was in your arms, being loved and cared for by you. I know it is a small thing but it comforts my friend who lost her daughter at 18 months....to know the happiness and pure love you will have given that sparkling, bright eyed boy. He got to live and he got to experience all your love for all his life. But I am so sorry it could not have been for longer and that you are not getting answers. You did not do anything to cause this. You loved him and you acted when you needed to act. It is a terrible series of mistakes that caused this and there was nothing you could do. Sincerest empathy to you.I hope it gets just a little easier to be with as time passes.

CheerfulYank Thu 26-Mar-15 04:43:22

It's every mother's worst nightmare and I'm so, so sorry you have to live it.

Happy birthday to your beautiful boy. thanks

AfroPuffs Thu 26-Mar-15 05:01:12

Im so very sorry for your loss. Loukas was a beautiful little boy and this was a tragedy that should not have happened....something completely out of your hands and i hope you finally get all the answers about how this happened.

Happy birthday to Loukas.

QOD Sun 29-Mar-15 03:12:38

What a tragic story and what a beautiful boy
so so sorry for your loss x

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