Hey Edie and Lynne

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Jossie Sat 28-Oct-06 22:48:25

I know we mentioned having a "chat" thread as well, do you still fancy one or not ? I'd like to be on the original thread as well.

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edie123 Sun 29-Oct-06 08:36:49

Hey Josie. Well...so much has happened since you went away. Wanted to post to Lynne this morning to fill her in on the latest but will do it here then she will see it too. She has been fab, but we sure have missed you too!!! How was the break? And the weather??

Well to cut a long story short, I did a pg test last weeks as I had been getting some heartburn. It was BFP. I then did another the next day and that was also BFP. Both faint. Didn't get my hopes up as wondered if they were residual hormones. Posted lots and lots on here to ask advice etc and most people thought that as it was nearly 6 weeks post ERPC, it was new pg. Rang GP and he also thought it would be a new pg. He agreed to see me Mon (tomorrow) to do pg test at surgery and then run blood tests if still not clear.

However...(And Lynne this is the bit that I wanted to fill you in on yesterday but other events meant I couldn't get on here).

I did another test yesterday evening to see if it would be a darker BFP and it was BFN!!!!

Really haven't been convinced that it is a new pg the whole way through as I just haven't 'felt' pg but don't why I got two BFP's...

Anyway, last night my precious cat got taken ill and started breathing funny. I was hyterical and we rushed her to the vet who said it may be asthma or a heart prob but didn't think so. He gave her diuretics and steroids and she got better. (Cost me £80 but worth it). Pray she is going to be ok as she means the world to me! Sad I know.

Anyway, after me rambling on-how are you two????!!!


Jossie Sun 29-Oct-06 19:27:08

Goodness Edie-what a week, and especially last night with your cat, I can sympathise, as I've got two cats, used to have three, my old one lived to be 20 years old!
What are you going to do now about your test results, it must have been really hard not to get your hopes up, I'm sorry to hear it is BFN. I know after my first m/c I did a test 2 weeks later to confirm in my mind it was all over as I had dealt with it naturally and it was BFN, but there again I was only 6 wks, this time I didn't bother as I'd had the ERPC-how many weeks pg were you when you had your m/c?
Anyway, I'm not doing too bad-very tired as DS1 is an early riser and in a caravan this means that he wakes everyone up, but it was nice to spend some time together as a family. I went to the town in Norfolk where my parents are moving to whilst we were away to show DH where their new house will be. Got wet walking along the prom at Clacton, but don't mind the rain so that was good, back to everyday life now though. Keep me updated on you as you've had a real rollercoaster week-I couldn't believe how many people have joined the other thread this week.

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edie123 Sun 29-Oct-06 20:05:44

I know there have been lots of newbies on the other thread. Where did you go to in Norfolk??

I was only 5 weeks gone when the baby died but 10 weeks when I found out and 12 when I had the op. Still going to the GP tomorrow but will not be hopeful that he will say that im pg.

My cat seems to be better today. Im a very big cat lover!!

Jossie Sun 29-Oct-06 21:13:07

We went to Thetford-climbed up the big hill!
Nice to know you're a cat lover-I've got a fair number of ornaments etc as well and can see myself as a batty old woman with lots of cats!
Fingers crossed for you tomorrow

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edie123 Mon 30-Oct-06 07:44:31

Thetford is not far from me at all.

Appointment is soon and have decided to still go. AF still not arrived...

Speak soon, where is Lynne?

edie123 Mon 30-Oct-06 10:34:50

Just back from the GP-was in there 45 minutes! The students took a history from me and then my GP came in and they had to present my case to the GP. He then pointed out some things that they had forgotton to ask. He then had to ask them what the possibles might be, they said new pg, residual, ectopic, another mc etc. He examined me and we ruled out ectopic.

GP said that he had spoken to hospital who had examined products that were removed and ruled out other stuff (can't remember what) and they confirmed that they thought everything had been removed. They advised GP to do blood test.

However one of the students wanted to do it and it bloody hurt!! She was so sweet though and was so pleased with herself that she managed to get the blood bless her.

So now have to wait another couple of days to find out the HcG levels. Apparently should be between 1000-1500 or something for a new pg.


Jossie Mon 30-Oct-06 11:44:46

Edie, what an ordeal and now a wait.
Don't know wher Lynne is, hope she is ok as she wasn't well.

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edie123 Mon 30-Oct-06 11:46:51

I know. Still having heartburn and a few shooting pains through breasts. God so glad I have to work this pm-will be a welcome distraction.

Oh I really hope Lynne is ok. I know she had a bad cold and was in bed. Think she had some mystery shopping work today...I might be wrong...

d4phne Mon 30-Oct-06 14:32:13

Hi Edie. Sorry to intrude in this personal thread, but other one is closed. Don't know if there will be a new one opening or will people just disperse and join other threads? Just came back from GP. He doens't know what's going on either, but will run blood tests (due Tue in a week). He excluded accute etopic and doens't think it's leftover hormones. So in his view it's new pg or new m/c. I do not think I am pg. Still cramps. How are you doing?

edie123 Mon 30-Oct-06 22:36:02


Don't be silly, you are welcome on here!

Oh so pretty much in the same boat as me then?!

Good luck to you, it's nice to know Im not going through it alone although not very nice for either of us to be going through!!

edie123 Tue 31-Oct-06 09:45:59


How long after an assignment do Retail Maxim pay you? I did a job last week but haven't been paid yet. I have three to do next week!!!

lynneclynne Tue 31-Oct-06 19:38:57

Ladies, Im back!!! Phew!!! Thought i lost you both!!!
God, so much been happening here again!
Edie, ive not stopped thinking about you! Hope you are ok.Imso sorry to hear about your cat I hope its better, i have three cats.
Jossie,its good to hear from you again, we both missed you.
Ive had so much to do around the house, ive not been able to get on pc, its set upstairs now so thats me sorted.
Edie you dont get paid until either the 16th or 28th with r/m, i'll check my bank and get back to you on that one.Did a shop yesterday and one tomorrow and friday so that'll keep me busy, also have Tchibo work on tomorrow, ive passed on saturdays work as its a total nightmare, too many hours (9-5)especially with so much work getting done in the house. Feeling a bit better today so hopefully ive got over the worst.
Well girls its good we have a new thread, is that other one still open???
Right just going to have a nice bath and relax, hope you are both well...catch up with you both soon.

lynneclynne Tue 31-Oct-06 19:42:43

Edie, just checked my bank account, its the last day of the month r/m pay. It sometimes depends on the date you did the m/s, they may pay the following month.
Lynne xxx

Jossie Tue 31-Oct-06 23:00:17

I think the other thread is still open-I know someone said it was closed, but I seemed to get on there ok
Lynne glad to know you are ok, we were worried.
How are you doing?

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edie123 Wed 01-Nov-06 08:09:59

Thanks girls for all the fab suppport as usual. Im doing fine thanks, went and played badminton last night which I always enjoy.

Working this afternoon and doing some night shifts Sun, Mon and Tues. However after that I have 6 days off so it will be like a mini holiday!

How are you two?

edie123 Wed 01-Nov-06 11:48:02

GP just phoned. Hormones are v low so not pg. Very relieved that I know now and am looking forward to AF coming so we can ttc next month.

Lucybee Wed 01-Nov-06 13:34:08

Hi girls, I know this is your personal thread but I can still get into the other one, I don't think its closed. So do keep adding a little note now and again to let me know how you are getting on. Edie, sorry to hear you are not preg this time, but at least now you know. Bye for now, Lx

lynneclynne Wed 01-Nov-06 16:16:57

Aw edie, sorry you are not pg, i was so convinced you were. Hope you are ok.
Jossie, hope you are well, hows work going?
Im feeling alot better today, so been working about the house, also was working this morning 9-12 which was a good shift.
Lucybee, it was nice to hear from you, how are things going, hope your keeping ok.
D4phne, hope your well too.
Aw edie, om so gutted for you, well at least you know now instead of having that ovr you day in, day out, theres nothing worse. Hows your cat keeping??
Ladies i hope you are all well,speak later
Lynne xxx

Jossie Wed 01-Nov-06 18:51:41

Edie-I'm relieved that you know the outcome, just disappointed for you that it wasn't the outcome you wanted, have they said what it was?
Lynne glad to know you're feeling better, I'm not too bad just stocked up on vitamins to shake off my cold so that I can have my blood done next Monday, will be really gutted if they can't do it because I'm not 100% as I'll have to rescedule consultants appt then.
Lucybee and D4phne-don't worry we're not being exclusive, so its ok to come on here, it's just that we're being more chatty than just about m/c on this one, still looking at the other thread

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edie123 Wed 01-Nov-06 22:44:15

Josie-I recommend echinachia to shake off colds-its fab. And of course vit C. Good luck honey xx

Lynne-Glad you feeling a bit better. My cat is ok I think although sleeping more than usual. Going to take her back for check up at some point. I love her soooo much!!

Thanks girls for the support. You have both been fantastic as usual.

Lynne-will check my bank account for RM pay. Josie-you need to get into the mystery shopping-it's fun.

Can't wait for AF now girls

Everyone else is welcome to post!! As said before-this thread designed to be more chatty!!

lynneclynne Thu 02-Nov-06 15:53:03

Hi girls. how are you today??
Edie, jossie, does either of you two have a leather sofa??
We are looking at leather sofas for our livingroom and dh seems to think the cats would claw it (i dont think they would) but dont want to spend a lot of money on one incase they do, i know they claw the the fabric one we have just now so not so sure about the leather though
I hope you are both keeping well.
Jossie, not long now until your tests, what will they be doing this time??
Edie, hope your keeping ok yourself.
I'll catch up with you both later.
Lynne xxx

Jossie Thu 02-Nov-06 20:57:07

I've got a leatyer suite-in the shop they said it was ok with cats as they retract their claws, we bought a catbed, which worked ok at first, but one of the cats has started to get on the furniture and has caught it a couple of times. My old sofa was 10 years old with holes in, I hate being so precious about this new one, nagging the boys and the cats, I need new dining furniture but I'm going to buy cheapo Ikea job as then I might not be so protective and keep nagging!
The blood tests are looking for chromosoneprobs, clotting probs and a whole load of other stuff mentioned in that Lesley Regan bk-ten phials of blood were taken last time (+ 1 on a different day from me and also DH for chromosone), I know they will take less this time as some of the tests only had to be done once.
I'd love to do the mystery shopper stuff, just need time-need money, my car seriously broke down tonight-cam belt, will find out tomorrow if it's trashed the engine!

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Jossie Thu 02-Nov-06 20:59:58

Whoops I mean leather, not leatyer!
Edie meant to say-it's impressive that your DH is a boxer, what weight does he fight at? He sounds like me and DH with regard to smoky pubs (thereagain I'm asthmatic and the daughter of two smokers and both DH's parents used to smoke but gave up?
Do you or DH smoke Lynne?

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lynneclynne Thu 02-Nov-06 21:44:00

Thanks for that Jossie, not too sure if we should go for the leather, theres one we saw and love but its £1500 and would go mad if they started to claw it mmm may have to start looking at the fabric ones again.
No, neither me or dh smoke, never have done.
Jossie the m/s is brilliant, you should sign up, remember it is optional you dont have to say yes when they offer you the work, i have 2 tomorrow in the city centre, so i'll make a day of that and go shopping for xmas pressies

Edie, i didnt know your dh was a boxer Jossie, how did you know that???I dont remember reading that mmm...i must have missed that thread

Well girls hope you've both had a nice week,mines been quite quiet, the plasterer didnt turn upso need to wait till next week.

Hope your both well!
Lynne xxx

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