The one in a million baby

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TantricShift Sat 28-Feb-15 20:22:37

This is not my tragedy but I feel deeply saddened and wanted to make mention of this beautiful, brave girl who lived fully and died too soon. The one in a million baby, Eva was born with CHARGE, a genetic disorder that left her blind and deaf as well as with many other challenges. Her mother blogged about her journey with candour and humility proving that love can conquer all.

If you want to be heartened by the power of love and inspired by the story of a beautiful life well lived then please read blog. Eva and her mother have touched my heart and inspired me to live and love with all of it.

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seaoflove Sat 28-Feb-15 20:26:37

Oh no, I've been following this blog since before Eva was born. I had no idea something terrible had happened. Will read now sad

TantricShift Sat 28-Feb-15 21:27:50

It's so dreadfully sad but I really felt a connection with this little girl and her mother. I have been quite upset to be honest. As I found the blog through MN I felt it important that her passing was noted on here.

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