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It's not getting easier :-(

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Sparkygal Tue 17-Feb-15 17:09:53

It's been 11 weeks tomorrow since my lovely mum passed away. I know they say time is a healer and it's still very early days, but I am finding it harder as time goes on. I actually miss her more as it's been longer since I spoke to / hugged her.
We were very close and I am missing her so muchsad

I normally wait til the kids are in bed or busy before I allow myself some tears, but feel teary every day (the past few weeks I have been not bad). My dad is struggling a bit too.

I just can't bear it that I will spend the rest of my life without her sadsad

Just needed to write it down I guess. My dh is sympathetic but really has no idea what to say to make it better, or says I know it's terrible. He means well but just says the wrong thing (but then nothing would be the right thing - what can you say).

SummerHouse Tue 17-Feb-15 17:15:38

I can't find any words but I am just hanging out here knowing that someone else will come along soon and say something beautiful. So flowers for now as its the best I can do. I am so sorry she is gone. If how much she is clearly missed is the measure of her then she must have been a wonderful woman.

whatisforteamum Tue 17-Feb-15 18:44:53

Sparklygal my heart goes out to you.I know i will miss my parents terribly when they go and cannot imagine how hard it is (im dreading it tbh).My dh had some councelling when his df died it really helped him.

Iamblossom Tue 17-Feb-15 18:53:38

I miss my mum horribly. She died last June and I haven't even started coming to terms. Particularly as we actually lost her about 4-5 years before to dementia. She is in my dreams all the time, her voice, her laugh, her turn of phrase, her rubbish singing voice, things I want her to say/teach to my sons and she never will.


Love you mummy.

Sparkygal Tue 17-Feb-15 20:15:38

Thank you for your kind messages - she really was a wonderful mum, we did so much together and I spoke to her daily so it has left a massive hole in my heart. She was too young at 65.
My ds and dd are lovely and keep us going, but they are starting to hit those hormonal years so moods can be up or down. It's something I would normally moan to mum about or have a laugh about it.
I can be fine one minute then the slightest thing will remind me and hits like a ton of bricks. Eyes fill up, need to gulp down the sobs and have a sick/nervous like feeling.
I just want what I can't have, to have her back sad

My heartfelt sympathy to you too Iamblossom. It's so sad we have to go through this.

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