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Counselling - does it help for you?

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onelifeliveit Wed 07-Jan-15 11:15:47

My world fell apart in February 2014 when my Dad died after an awful battle with Cancer. I'm 24 and dont have a relationship with my birth Mother. So my Dad was everything, my hero and best friend. From the time he told me he was dying to the night he passed was only three weeks, it all happened so fast. The night of his death was very traumatic and i have never spoken to anyone about it, even my step mother who was there too. I feel I cannot burden her with my sadness as she is suffering so badly herself and needs me to be strong for her. I went back to work two weeks after dad passing away and seemed to be coping ok. Now 11 months on I feel it has 'hit me' he is not coming back. I also have horrible flash backs to the night he died. I go to work and try to carry on as normal but it seems to be getting harder. I am wondering if counselling may help? Has anyone tried it? TIA x

t875 Wed 07-Jan-15 11:29:17

Hi I am so sorry for your loss thanks I lost my mum suddenly to a massive stroke, i said good night and she didn't wake up. Kills to think of it, i have learnt over the 2 1/2 years what i can think but i do like to remember her and keep her with me spiritually this is me though and i know we aren't all the same. But i miss her physically like mad.

Counselling did help me, I went to CRUSE for 4 sessions and they were great, yes you talk at first and its hard but it helped me as i didn't know what i bottled up with not being able to talk to my siblings or my dad about things i didn't realise had got me angry/bitter so this helped, they help you as a person find you too and help you to carry on best you can.
I also phoned the 24 hour help line and spoke to a councillor on the end of the phone at different times too.
Thinking of you and please come to the group of lost a parent on here, (im sorry i cant quite remember the thread)
hugs to you x

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