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chloejaynemummy Wed 31-Dec-14 13:11:42

My mum and dad have both passed I'm 26 with a 2 year old dd and dh. I have a brother and sister who have not spoken since mum died 21 years ago. Now my brother has told me fuck off and he wants nothing more to do with me all because I replied late to a text xmas day because I was busy with dd. He said I'm always to busy and can do one. My brother is 40 a very heavy drinker. His never had kidd and can't understand how she is now my priority I just now feel really alone I have no family to talk to I think he is being very unfair and it has really upset me. I wish my dad was here to sort this out and to talk to me.

magimedi Wed 31-Dec-14 13:34:24

Poor you. How horribly young to lose your mother.

Quite honestly, your brother sounds vile & aggressive which is often the way with very heavy drinkers.

You have your DD & DH & you are your very own little family of 3.

Sending you flowers. It's a bad time of year to feel so low, but things will get better.

chloejaynemummy Wed 31-Dec-14 14:03:03

Thank you for ur reply. It's been 5 years on the 21st Jan since my dad passed away suddenly. My little girl was born on 23rd and my due date was the 21st I took it as a sign from my dad.

My brother can be violent and he likey to pick at things to course a argument I just wish he didn't do it this time of year.
He basically told me to fuck off and stop contacting him.

I just feel alone my dhs family are brilliant but I miss my family. I'm sad my dd won't have anytime with her uncle but then he hasn't bothered since she was born.


magimedi Wed 31-Dec-14 14:09:09

Quite honestly if your brother can be violent would you want him having any contact with your DD?

As she gets older she'll make her own friends & she has your DH's family for aunts/uncles/grandparents.

I do feel sorry for you having no family of your own, though, but I would try not to stress too much over your brother, in the end it's going to be his loss, not yours.

I hope 2015 brings some really good stuff along for you.

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