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Cannot believe my Dad has gone

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strawberrycrumble Sun 21-Dec-14 20:59:34

10 days ago my amazing, fantastic Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep, I still cannot believe it and am finding it extremely hard to cope, the pain just gets worse with each passing day.

I lost my Mum 14yrs ago and feel so lonely now that I have no parents, despite having a husband and a daughter I feel so alone. I was 21 when I lost my Mum and time has helped to heal the pain enough to live alongside missing my Mum. But now im struggling to see a way forward and I feel 'angry' if that is the right word that I now, at 36, have to live my life parentless.

As amazing as my friends are, they don't 'get it' because they haven't experienced it and I don't want to burden them with my thoughts, my husband is brilliant but he loved my Dad too so don't always want to pour all my upset out on him.

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 22-Dec-14 02:45:25

I am so sorry for your loss, strawberry. I lost my dad two years ago; he and I were close and I still miss him. I am glad that you have your DH who shares your love of your father. My DH was good friends with my dad, and it has made it easier as time has passed because we have so many good memories of him to share. It sounds as though you will have the same with your DH.

For you and your dad. flowers

sanfairyanne Mon 22-Dec-14 05:01:19

i am so sorry for your loss

Lilybensmum1 Mon 22-Dec-14 06:11:28

Hi strawberry, so sorry to hear of your loss it's just devestating. I have been up since 2am we suddenly lost our dmil on Wednesday at 62! I still can't believe it.

I'm so lost, I have 2 DC and my 7 year old dd is struggling to cope. I don't understand how we are supposed to carry on I'm exhausted my poor DH is supporting his dad but it's taking its toll on him. I don't know how we will get through xmas, it's my dmil birthday tomorrow.

I helped my dfil wrap all the xmas presents that my my dmil had so carefully chosen it's so awful. And to cap it all work are making it difficult luckily my DH work have been amazing.

TranquilityofSolitude Mon 22-Dec-14 06:24:20

I'm sorry, Strawberry. It's really hard, isn't it? I lost my Dad in June and I can still hardly believe it. Facing this first Christmas without him seems so painful. We had a business together so I feel lost at work too

Having said that, I wrote this to try to offer you some hope. I have moments where I think I can never be happy again and then I realise that as I'm singing along to a song in the car or doing something with my DDs that actually I am happy, and I can laugh and smile and it will be OK. Time really is helping.

ajandjjmum Mon 22-Dec-14 06:46:15

So sorry for all of you going through this.

I lost my Dad nearly 12 years ago, and still miss him, particularly at times like Christmas. I know I was so lucky to have him as my Dad, and am glad he's not suffering any more, but it still hurts.

But you do learn to get through it, and appreciate how lucky you were to have a parent who truly loved you.

Sending thoughts Strawberry/Lily/Tranquility.

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