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our daughter died Wednesday at 17months

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anais2403 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:16:47

We are broken.
I'm posting because I'm hoping to hear from someone who has been through something similar who can tell me something comforting.
Our baby was ill with a fever and a viral infection but her heart was unable to cope.
She was our only child.

SweepTheHalls Fri 05-Dec-14 11:18:13

I am so sorry for your loss

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Fri 05-Dec-14 11:18:59

I'm so sorry flowers

Namelesswonder Fri 05-Dec-14 11:20:33

Life is so unfair. I'm so sorry flowers

LittlePeasMummy1 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:22:40

So very very sorry. Thinking of you.

AvonCallingBarksdale Fri 05-Dec-14 11:24:28

So sorry thanks.

steppemum Fri 05-Dec-14 11:25:02

Oh anais, I am so sorry, so sad. flowers

Hobby2014 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:25:26

So sorry. So sad sad xxx

niminypiminy Fri 05-Dec-14 11:26:34

That is so awful, it must be beyond words painful. I am so sorry for your loss flowers

IneedAwittierNickname Fri 05-Dec-14 11:27:32

So so sorry flowers take care of yourself xx

hoppus Fri 05-Dec-14 11:28:22

So so sorry for your loss flowers

Badvocinapeartree Fri 05-Dec-14 11:28:34

There is a Thread for bereaved parents.
I'm so very sorry for your loss x

MontserratCaballe Fri 05-Dec-14 11:31:05

here is the thread for bereaved parents. The women there are wonderful and will know how you feel.

Such tragic news. I am so very sorry flowers

NewEraNewMindset Fri 05-Dec-14 11:31:15

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how broken you must be feeling, it's all of our worst nightmares sad.

I know there are organisations out there that can offer support, really hope someone comes along and links you to a few of them and the bereavement thread just mentioned.

CarolBornAMan Fri 05-Dec-14 11:31:36

I can only tell you how terribly sad I am for you - my heart goes out to you. I want to just share with you my friends experience as she went through something very similar.. it was tough, very tough for the first few months - huge ups and downs .. but over time she has come to terms with her loss and is able to manage it - we can talk about her son without any of us crying and we celebrate and remember him. Her later children talk about their older brother they never met and he remains a big part of their family. I just so sorry you have to go through this journey .. support is the most important thing you can get now and a place to talk about and remember your daughter..

stargirl1701 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:34:10

My condolences. Thinking of you and your family x

WinifredBanks Fri 05-Dec-14 11:36:41

So very, very sorry for your loss x

AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 05-Dec-14 11:38:17

I am so very sorry for your loss x

glorious Fri 05-Dec-14 11:40:25

I'm so sorry. Would you like to tell us about her?

cherubimandseraphim Fri 05-Dec-14 11:42:16

I'm so sorry flowers xxxx

Greyhound Fri 05-Dec-14 11:42:56

So sorry

Azquilith Fri 05-Dec-14 11:43:20

So sorry flowers

captainweasel Fri 05-Dec-14 11:45:00

I'm so sorry. I know you are hurting now but remember to eat sleep and look after yourselves. Take your time and one day it'll be ok. Xx

PacificDogwood Fri 05-Dec-14 11:46:20

There are now words sad

I am so sorry you are bereft of your darling girl.
Would you like to tell us her name?

PacificDogwood Fri 05-Dec-14 11:46:34

no words*

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