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my beautiful grandma gained her wings 2 years ago today

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losthermind Fri 07-Nov-14 16:01:07

And I miss her dearly
She reared me and my brothers, and I am proud to be the woman I am today because of her
My dear nan who also raised me shaped the person and mother I am.
Both women gave birth to my parents who didn't deserve them, my parents didn't deserve me.
If I could grow up and be half the woman that these two ladies were then I know I have lived a decent life.
I have shad tears of heart wrenching sorrow today, but I am now choosing to smile......
Smile at the love and memories that Have been instilled into my bones,and of the courage and hope I have been given.
So I say a prayer for the two dear women that I hope watch over me on my journey of life,
You are forever loved and eternally remembered xxx

Thrholidaysarecoming Sat 08-Nov-14 11:53:26

Hello op - didn't want to read and run , hope your ok today x

My grandparents raised me and my parents didn't deserve me either. The shown me how to love and be loved.
I totally understand how you feel. I lost my lovely grandad 8 years ago. He was a true gent, I adored him. It was his birthday on Wednesday.

To me, grandad never went away. He is always round me. I speak to him all the time. My brain just can't comprehend he isn't he anymore.

If you would like to share/swop any stories let me know xx

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