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gravity Tue 26-Sep-06 13:16:34

does anyone else ever just sit there and think after a bad event "this time yesterday" "this time last week" etc.... i'm trying to piece together my day today this time last year, it must have been about 11am i received a phone call from my home town that dad had had a massive heart attack. this time now 8.15pm (where i am) i would have been sitting next to my dad's bed. we would have chatted ever so slightly. he would have been still alive...just. i miss him

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yorkshirelass79 Tue 26-Sep-06 13:19:58

Message withdrawn

Marina Tue 26-Sep-06 13:25:22

Definitely. Different context I know but I always find the Abba song "The Day Before You Came" strikes a chord - your life changes so utterly after a bereavement and you look back on your old "pre-" self and think, what a naive, silly person I was not to see it all coming and make the most of what I had then.
You've posted before about how much you love your dad gravity, I'm so sorry

mumof3teens Tue 26-Sep-06 18:38:40

I know exactly how you feel gravity. I can remember everything about the day my Dad told me he had Cancer. When he died I remember waking up and thinking this is the first day that my Dad isn't here. I kept thinking - this time yesterday/last week/month/year he was here and we did such and such. He has been dead 9 years next month but doesn't seem so long. It really does get much easier, but I still have sad moments when I would like to tell him something my DSs have done.

heifer Tue 26-Sep-06 20:29:20

I have some of my old diaries by the bed that I look at every week or so.. They are very random ones, but there is last years, 2000, 2002 and I think 1988.

I like to look at them, and see what I was doing this time last year - my mum was alive, in 2000 my dad was alive and in 1988 I was still living at home aged 20 without a care in the world...

Although it is sad, it also makes me happy to see the great things I did, especially 2000 and 2002 when I had my mum and dad around for dinner lots etc, or took my mum away with us on holiday etc after my dad died...

I realise that I don't always cry every time I read it now, although still miss them very much..

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