my dads anniversary and I feel so empty still

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lollypop77 Mon 08-Sep-14 21:45:36

I lost my dad suddenly two years ago on wednesday ... I still struggle to keep myself motivated ... my mum passed 8 years ago and I had my dad to keep me strong ... I have a good family two children and great partner but I stil struggle it tore my heart out and I feel deflated alot ... I know time is always helpfull but I worry that for the rest of my life I am gona feel like there is such a gaping hole ...the links are missing ...I feel so raw and hard done by .. im sorry to go on but maybe sumbody is going threw the same aching pain .. its good to share stories ...if sumone could tell me how they moved forward ...thankyou for listening

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Isabeller Tue 09-Sep-14 00:38:25


DP is remembering his Dad this week.

DorisIsALittleBitPartial Tue 09-Sep-14 00:51:51

Losing a parent suddenly is such a shock and you will take time to heal. Be kind to yourself and let yourself accept how you are feeling - don't question it or worry about it, let yourself grieve. Losing a parent is hard, but your second parent is harder, trust me I know, I've been there. You feel on your own. You can't force moving on, you just will one day. Believe me, you will get there. thanks

Stupidhead Tue 09-Sep-14 00:56:37

I lost mine three years ago. It helps to talk about his funny stories with my children. My DP was talking about him tonight and how much he wished he'd known him better, randomly he'll say 'oh I wonder what your dad would have thought about this' that helps. They met a few times but my partner is grieving for not knowing him better.

We watched the Producers (film) tonight, my 14 yr old was really close to my dad and was chuckling at it. Especially as it was one of dad's favourite films! That's helped with my son.

I'm so sorry about your loss, he must have been an amazing man to have left such a hole x

lollypop77 Tue 09-Sep-14 08:48:01

Thankyou for your replys ... it gave me a sence of hope and made me feel not so alone ...oneday I hope it feels less painfull ... grief comes to us all one day .. and my dad was my rock ... he was only 61 he owned his house and my younger brother decided to by the house and pay us other three siblings out ...since this there has been alot ov pain an upset we are not as close it feels like I have literally lost all my blood family except my younger sister .....its very common iv been informed that when both parents have passed there is nostructure I have a nice family and I am blessed with my children ... my partner and myself go to work to makee a decent life ... I hope and pray that one day I wil feel that sence ov security an bein complete if that makes sence ... confused

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