Let's light candles for everyone who is missing someone tonight.

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Yorkiegirl Mon 18-Sep-06 23:03:00

Message withdrawn

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SherlockLGJ Mon 18-Sep-06 23:11:11

That is lovely, have just lit one.

Thank you for that.

southeastastra Mon 18-Sep-06 23:12:25

me too

2shoes Mon 18-Sep-06 23:16:26

and me

RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Sep-06 23:18:39

Me too

bubble99 Mon 18-Sep-06 23:23:36

Bless you, Yorkie..

I need to post this..

I've written and deleted it so many times...

Grief is not competitive, I know.
But there is a 'sliding scale'... of that, I'm sure.

I'm so struck by the fact that in losing Nigel, you've lost your best friend.

And now I'm wondering whether I should delete this too, as I don't want to make you feel any worse than you do. But I'll plough on and probably regret it.

I lost a baby. For no reason. A full-term and healthy baby due to the (in)actions of others.
But I didn't lose any memories. I lost the potential relationship that we should have had.

The sight of 'deceased' on so many pieces of paper cut me to the quick. Seeing the home address that he'd never even been to hurt so much.

BUT. I cannot even begin to compare this with what Nigel has had to leave behind. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you are feeling and everything I try to say to you sounds so trite.

Bless you, truly. And I'm not remotely religious. But what has happened to you has made me feel beyond sad and utterly useless. I wish I could take some of your pain away for you.

alexsmum Mon 18-Sep-06 23:23:50

me too

Yorkiegirl Tue 19-Sep-06 07:58:51

Message withdrawn

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lucy5 Tue 19-Sep-06 08:06:20

Have done so and put it in th Mn group. Thinking of you all.

Yorkiegirl Tue 19-Sep-06 08:19:10

Message withdrawn

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amyjade Tue 19-Sep-06 09:23:07

Thanks Yorkiegirl.

These words are for everyone who has suffered a devestating loss. They are from a song i am using on Freya's website.


Who can say for certain?
Maybe you’re still here
I feel you all around me
Your memory’s so clear

Deep in the stillness
I can hear you speak
You’re still an inspiration
Can it be?
That you are mine forever love
And you are watching over me from up above

Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight to see you smile
If only for a while to know you’re there
A breath a way’s not far to where you are

Are you gently sleeping?
Here inside my dream
And isn’t faith believing
All power can’t be seen

As my heart holds you
Just one beat away
I cherish all you gave me every day
‘Cause you are mine forever love
Watching me from up above

And I believe that angels breathe
And that love will live on and never leave

Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight to see you smile
If only for a while to know you’re there
A breath a way’s not far to where you are

Yorkiegirl Tue 19-Sep-06 16:21:55

Message withdrawn

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katzg Tue 19-Sep-06 16:24:05

will do one later

essbee Tue 19-Sep-06 16:28:01

Message withdrawn

YellowFeathers Tue 19-Sep-06 16:36:44

Have lit one.
Thinking of you all.

fairyjay Tue 19-Sep-06 16:50:49

Have lit my candle - so many thoughts are with you YG, and so many others who are grieving.

FioFio Tue 19-Sep-06 16:57:01

Message withdrawn

kimi Tue 19-Sep-06 17:17:00

Candle lit

GreensleevesTheParrot Tue 19-Sep-06 17:18:56

What a beautiful idea. Am lighting ours now.

MarsLady Tue 19-Sep-06 17:20:04

Lit one!

GreensleevesTheParrot Tue 19-Sep-06 17:25:29

And would also like to mention foundintranslation, who has been to hell and back over the past few months and still manages to give comfort and support to others with her usual grace and courage.

This is a really great thread, YG.

Alibaldi Tue 19-Sep-06 17:33:51

Another lit here. Thank you. To Yorkiegirl and all the others who have lost precious members of their families - your strength and compassion is an inspiration to me.

DumbledoresGirl Tue 19-Sep-06 17:49:36

I have lit one for my mother who is seriously ill. Thinking of all of you who have suffered a loss.

sallystrawberry Tue 19-Sep-06 18:12:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 19-Sep-06 18:39:17

Me too. Thinking of everyone who has lost a loved one.

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