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How to explain death to a 2 year old

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PickledLily Mon 14-Jul-14 13:40:00

A friend from a few years ago has died, following a long battle with illness. I plan to go to the memorial service with my 2 year old (there will be many under-5s at the service). What is the best way to explain death in these circumstances without 'overloading' DD? DD doesn't remember my friend as she last saw her over a year ago.

Totally depends on what you believe - I'd say her body was worn out and stopped working, and now you and her other friends are going to remember her and be happy you knew her. Then answer any questions honestly but in a way she understands. Depends on her level of inderstanding and language too - 2 year olds vary so much.

Sorry about your friend.

PickledLily Mon 14-Jul-14 14:53:47

Thank you. I like the explanation about the body no longer working, and being happy about knowing her. I suspect most of it will go over DD's head, but she may be confused and upset about others being upset.

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