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Dream about dead cousin haunting me??

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LaceyLitch Mon 07-Jul-14 11:20:45

Last night I had a dream about my cousin who died when she was 19, 4 years ago. We had a semi close relationship, got on very well but I missed a lot of special occasions together (birthdays, xmas etc) through working, which I felt very guilty about after her death and have made a big effort to spend time with the rest of my family.

THE DREAM: My cousin (Gee) came home from hospital. I was shocked as I thought she wasn't coming back. Throughout the dream I was very confused, I didn't get why people were writing on her fb saying they would miss her, she kept asking me to ask my mum to buy her a new top, she said my mum wouldn't listen to her. She kept on asking me if we could go on holiday together at xmas and if we could go out, but not on the weekend (she died on a Friday night).

Eventually I asked my mum why is Gee here I thought she wasn't coming back? My mum replied she isn't coming back, she's dead. I realised she had been dead the entire dream and was infact a ghost haunting me and I was the only one who could see/talk to her (that's why she couldn't ask my mum for the top). Gee then started pulling my arm and I realised she wouldn't leave me alone and woke up screaming then started crying.

I have been very confused/upset all morning. Has anyone else had a dream like this?

Just for clarification I don't believe in ghosts.

MackerelOfFact Mon 07-Jul-14 11:32:35

I'm sorry about your cousin.

I often have dreams like this about loved ones who have passed away. They're very upsetting.

The dream I get is usually set on a special occasion - Christmas, a family birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. The deceased person turns up and nobody else except me seems to notice, and I can't work out why nobody else realises that the dead relative is quite clearly there and very much alive. I just assume that I'd wrongly remembered their death and that they'd actually never died in the first place.

Later on in the dream it always becomes apparent that I am either the only one who can see the deceased person, or the only one who remembers that they died, and I have to try and 'keep' them there and stop them leaving and going back to being dead. It's horrible because inevitably I always wake up and the person is still dead.

You have my sympathy. It's harrowing.

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