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One Year On....

(4 Posts)
BBQSteak Sat 02-Aug-14 23:34:15

so very sorry for your loss

one year

one year will pass
i can feel it edging closer
how will the world seem then?
it wont have changed as we have
how could it?
12 months are not enough

some say times a healer
we know that isn't true
12 months, 12 years 12 lifetimes
wont change things for me and you
but now we know we are not alone
but the world is not as we thought
there are hearts as ours that have suffered so
many that are torn apart

one year will come and then be gone
some will notice then move on
yet however many years go by
our tears will fall and we will cry
together forever my love
to some we may try to explain
to others we may not
about the pain the grief and the loss

and then i guess another year
will be here and gone
and the world still wont look
as it once had done

but one thing will have remained true
thats the love between me and you

stephanielittl7 Fri 13-Jun-14 08:11:09

Thankyou Bimblepops Mum was very loved by us all and sadly missed xx

Bimblepops Thu 12-Jun-14 18:56:22

Sending you flowers. I can't imagine how hard the last year must have been. Your mother was obviously very loved.

stephanielittl7 Thu 12-Jun-14 18:52:57

Tomorrow marks one year since i lost my wonderful Mum. She died from cancer at the age of 63. Its been a hard year without her and i miss her so much. If it wasnt for my best friend and Mums 2 best friends i dont think i would be here. Ive become my Grans sole carer as well as looking after my disabled son who cant grieve without lashing out sad Hes taken it badly. So tomorrow im going up to the crematorium with some flowers for Mum and to sit with her for a while smile Love and miss you Mum xx

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