A close friends mum of DD2

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HenniPenni Tue 05-Sep-06 11:37:57

We found out this morning that her mum passed away at the weekend, my DD is very friendly with her daughter (who wanted to go back to school), how can I help my DD to help her friend and herself? This is the first time that she will have been really affected by a bereavement as the last time we dealt with this she was only a toddler.TIA

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MamaG Tue 05-Sep-06 11:41:26

How old is DD?

HenniPenni Tue 05-Sep-06 11:46:55

She's 8 years old. On of the things thats getting to me is that DD kept asking over the 6 week hols if her friend could come and play but we were always busy, I know that wouln't have change the outcome but can't help feeling for the two of them. The death was unexpected too.

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HenniPenni Tue 05-Sep-06 13:06:37


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Tommy Tue 05-Sep-06 13:09:30

I would be very honest with her and tell her evething that you know. Tell her about a funeral and perhaps take her along? (if you feel it's appropriate). I would also encourage your DD to talk to her friends about her Mum and perhaps tell her things that DD liked about her

HenniPenni Tue 05-Sep-06 13:35:27

Thankyou Tommy, I will tell her what I know although not sure about taking her to the funeral though.

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MamaG Tue 05-Sep-06 14:51:53

I don't think I would take her to the funeral actually, think it might be a bit much. I'd encourage your DD to talk to her friend about her Mum etc, maybe have her over for a sleepover?

It must be very upsetting and confusing for your DD as well as her friend.

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