planning my daughters funeral....found out im pregnant

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Getskinnyordietrying Thu 22-May-14 11:51:17

Please help. I'm so lost and confused my world is falling apart. I posted on here about a month ago, (under what would you do: real fucked up Jeremy Kyle type) my daughter was born prematurely at 26 weeks, (I also have a son who is about to turn four) my daughter caught an infection and past away at the weekend, I've been busy trying to focus on making sure my son understands what has happened and is coping along with making funeral arrangements, putting my own emotions on hold as best I can. I've had a rocky relationship with my daughters father to say the least. (He has two sons with his wife and didnt want to be part of our daughters life - so much so that he has said he will not attend funeral) Two weeks after my daughter was born I met with him to ask for his help (even though my pleays were falling on deaf ears) we ended up having sex and parting ways. Yesterday while trying to figure out songs / readings and so on I found myself in agonising pain, I thought it was going to be scaring tissue or something wrong from giving birth at home early and choosing to be by my daughters side when she was moved to gos rather than getting checked out fully myself. After six hours in a&e I'm giving the news.... you're pregnant. My brain cannot function as it is, how can I deal with this? I know I can't put myself or my son through what is happening again but maybe there is a reason to keep that I'm unable to see while consumed with grief

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ReallyTired Thu 22-May-14 11:57:57

I'm sorry about the death of your daughter. Do you have famiily to support you at this difficult time. Does the hospital have anyone that you can talk to about your unexpected pregnancy.

Please don't judge yourself too harshly. It really sounds like you have been through a lot.

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