Coming up to the anniversary of my Dad dying....hate this time of year

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MamaG Mon 28-Aug-06 16:37:47

I get so moody - one minute I'm fine the next I'm close to tears (or in tears). The "day" looms - 31st August - and I just know I'll be in bits. Just trying to remember the good times really.

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WideWebWitch Mon 28-Aug-06 16:39:58

Sympathies, I find the anniversary of my dad's death hard too. Are you spending it with someone? Have you got sisters or brothers you could talk to on the day?

One of my sisters came to stay with me this year and we got drunk and went for a walk with our children the following day, it helped I think.

How you're feeling sounds normal to me.

MamaG Mon 28-Aug-06 16:44:29

Oh yeah, I imagine its the same for most people - I'm going to spend the day with DH and the kids, just being together - it is hardest, I think, when I look at DS, knowing he never saw him.

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Tommy Mon 28-Aug-06 17:22:11

I think it's the build up which is worse IME.
Thinking about you MamaG

MamaG Mon 28-Aug-06 21:06:30

Think you're right Tommy

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candygirl Tue 29-Aug-06 02:08:59

my dad died in 1994 at the age of 44 and things are still really hard ! i didnt realise how much a part of my life he is/was. my life will never be the same again as i have a huge hole in my heart which can never be filled again ,buttttttttt life does get easier birthdays,anniversaries of the day they died ,xmas etc will never be the same but will become easier to bear with sorry your going through this but just spend the day thinking of the times you spent together,and things you used to talk about and most of all remember how much your dad loved you ! i no this makes you sad but it also helps to keep your dad alive in you ! take care !

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