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3quarters Mon 28-Apr-14 08:45:09

Reaching out to bereaved dads effected by baby loss

Myself and a few other bereaved dads are in the process of setting up a project ( to support dads effected by stillbirth and baby loss. There are very few resources aimed at supporting dads and this is something we would like to change.

17dads is going to be a social support App for phones and tablets with an accompanying website, a place where dads can easily and discreetly communicate with our peers, share stories, share advice, forge friendships or maybe arrange to meet over a beer for a chat.

Can I ask you to please review the project holding page ( and let me know your thoughts. Any suggestion on improving to project are also very welcome. If we get a positive response and enough support I can push the project forwards.


3quarters Mon 28-Apr-14 08:47:09

Sorry, the link is

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