when did you back to work

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pinkranger Mon 21-Aug-06 09:30:10

when did you ladies who suffered a m/c go back to work,?
i Found out last wednesday that i had had a missed miscarrage and had a d&c on Thursday , i only do 2 shifts a week and they are thursday nights and saturdays, i feel physically well ( still having stomach cramps on and off )but not sure if i can stand to be around people who i dont really care for at the moment ( i work in retail, and most of the people on my shifts are 18 year old boys who talk about crap and wind me up at the best of times) Going back on thursday seems a bit soon as it would have only been a week ???

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wheelybug Mon 21-Aug-06 09:35:11

Hi Pinkranger.

I'm a SAHM so not the same but it did help me to get back into some sort of routine fairly quickly so I could return to 'normal'. That said, if you don't feel up to it, w hy don't you take this week off but make an effort to go next week. I found the first week I did stuff was hard to make myself but once I did I felt better.

Hope you're feeling better.

pinkranger Mon 21-Aug-06 10:04:10


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LunarSea Mon 21-Aug-06 13:42:45

Last one (which involved an emergency op in the middle of the night, transfusions and three days in hospital) I went back after a week - which felt too soon but the totally unsympathetic GP we had at the time (saga related elsewhere on mumsnet if you search) wouldn't sign me off at all - in fact I only got the week because the hospital docs gave me that one!

Previous one, which was earlier, I didn't actually have any time off at all.

USAUKMum Mon 21-Aug-06 14:03:28

Hi Pinkranger

I hope you are doing okay. I took 7 wks off work, but I lost my baby at 20wks. So everyone knew I was pg.

Sounds as if you need to take some time if you can manage it.

Take Care.

BettySpaghetti Mon 21-Aug-06 14:06:22

Sorry to hear that you're going through this pinkranger.

I took 2 weeks off although most of the first week was the m/c itself as it was a long, drawn out process.

andi0411 Mon 21-Aug-06 14:10:09

So sorry to hear what your going through pinkranger.
I took 3 weeks off with the last mc-first 10 days were the actual mc-I'd opted for a natural one and thats how long it took- the rest was for my well-being. Felt emotional all the time and my job is stressful etc..
I really think you should have as much time as you need personally- it's not just physical- like flu- its emotional too.

pinkranger Mon 21-Aug-06 14:20:07

Thank you ladies, i think i will take this week of and go back next week , we have friends down over the weekend which has been arranged for weeks and i actully think it will do me well to spend some time with them. My DH also thinks this is a good idea as he knows that i can be seen to be really strong but actully fall aprt on the inside . Than kyou

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andi0411 Mon 21-Aug-06 14:44:26

Good for you pinkranger- you do that and have a lovely week-end too.
Glad you have a fab dh who KNOWS you inside too.
Good luck for the future xx

USAUKMum Mon 21-Aug-06 14:49:24

Hey Pinkranger -- make sure you do something for yourself this weekend too. MAybe a nice long bath to prepare for the weekend? Or a massage or pedicure, manicure, etc.

Big Hug.

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