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My MIL has passed away.

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Staryeyed Tue 01-Apr-14 05:49:55

It was sudden last night. My partner is in bits. I don't know what to do. I will have to tell children when they wake up. I don't know what to say. I don't know whether to keep them home or send to school - for normality. Children 8(severe autism so won't understand), 4 and 2.

Chottie Tue 01-Apr-14 05:57:00

I am sorry to hear of your bereavement. Just be there for your DP and just listen to him, hug him, look after him. He may want you to phone his work and explain that he won't be in today. He may or may not want you to help with the funeral arrangements.

For your children, it really depends on whether you have a faith or not. When my parents died my children were adults, so I've not had the experience of telling very young children about a DGP's death.

Take care of yourself as well as looking after everyone else. I would be making soups and food which is comforting and easy to digest and also making sure the home runs smoothly.

Staryeyed Tue 01-Apr-14 06:30:52

Do I send 4 year old to school and tell him tonight or keep him home and tell him this morning?

missnevermind Tue 01-Apr-14 06:35:40

I think I would send him in and tell him later. Give yourself a while to think.

Dilidali Tue 01-Apr-14 06:36:30

Perhaps you could do with a bit of head space, I would send the children to school/nursery as per normal and tell them in the afternoon?
Sorry for your loss sad

Staryeyed Tue 01-Apr-14 06:38:50

I feel so helpless. He is utterly broken and I can't fix it or even do anything to help.

onetiredmummy Tue 01-Apr-14 06:48:42

Send them in without telling them, you will both need today to absorb the news and its easier to do if you're not putting on a brave face for them.

I explained it to my little ones by telling them when someone's body stops working then they die, I didn't go into any afterlife ideas just kept it basic .

I'm so sorry for your loss .

wannabestressfree Tue 01-Apr-14 06:53:33

I am so sorry for your loss x

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