BIL's brother has just had an aneurysm

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Twiglett Mon 31-Jul-06 18:27:15

Am in shock - he's in a deep coma on life support in Portugal, he won't recover.

His ex-wife has picked up the kids, my sister and BIL are going over tomorrow.

Poor, poor family.

Be grateful for your family whilst they're here .. they may not always be so.

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jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 31-Jul-06 18:35:37

Im very sorry Twig.

prayers and thoughts heading your way x

throckenholt Mon 31-Jul-06 18:36:56

Furball Mon 31-Jul-06 18:38:52

Oh blimey that is sad - was it a brain aneurysm?

I suffered one about 10 years ago which luckily I survived and had brain surgery but it is very scarey and unfortunately quite common

Twiglett Mon 31-Jul-06 18:53:36

Yes a brain aneurysm.

I am amazed at how upset I feel to be honest. I used to hang round with him when I was 16 because I went out with his best friend (he's 5 years older than me) but tbh he was a bit of an arse. He retained his arsiness thoughout his adult life. But I enjoyed seeing him in February for a family event that stretched across a weekend ... It is just so sad. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a brain tumour a few years ago but he wouldn't agree to have an operation, he looked rather ill last time I saw him.

Oh I'm waffling because I'm a little stunned

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lucy5 Mon 31-Jul-06 18:55:52

So sorry!

Furball Mon 31-Jul-06 18:55:55

- Was it caused by the tumour?

hub2dee Mon 31-Jul-06 18:56:57

Oh Twig. Thinking of his family.

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