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Explaining death to a preschooler

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MumPower Mon 20-Jan-14 06:46:23

My grandad has recently passed away after a period of illness. As he'd had a stroke I visited him alone in the evenings as I didn't want my 3.5 year old DS to see his Great Grandad like that.
He died on Saturday - I have no idea how to explain what's happened. All I've managed so far is that we can't go and see him anymore.

DH is catholic and happy to use the 'he's gone to heaven' approach, but I'm not sure I believe in all that. Maybe this is where my confusion lies- I don't know myself!!

Also- kids at funerals? I'll take 15 wo DD, she'll just sleep- but if it's not on a nursery day- take DD or farm him out?


ilovemybabies123 Mon 20-Jan-14 07:07:38

I lost my mum when my oldest was 3 and I was 8 months pregnant with my now 10 month old. I am not religious at all but definitely think heaven is the best route to go down. For yourself and your child, you can't believe when you die you are gone and that's it. In my opinion, this could scare the child about death, not fun.

I didn't take my 3 year old to the funeral as I was in such a state (as was many other people she loves) didn't want her seeing us like that.

Sorry for your loss x

MumPower Thu 23-Jan-14 18:42:00

Thank you - and sorry for the delayed reply.

DS now thinks his Great Grandad is in heaven with his Granny and Grandpa (DH's parents) and drew a nice picture of them all drinking beer together - probably not far from the truth!

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