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Etiquette re sympathy cards?

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My Grandad (mums dad) died yesterday sad
Do I send my own mum and Grandma a sorry for your loss type card?
In our family we do tend to give each other cards a lot for all occasions, but not sure if it's odd when it's my family and obviously I am grieving for my Grandad too. I don't feel like I should send one to my siblings though.

My Grandparents sent me and siblings a sympathy card when we lost our Dad, obviously he was their son in law once, but my parents were divorced long before he died and my GP and Dad were't really in touch if that makes sense.

PuppyMonkey Thu 16-Jan-14 10:57:35

Personally, I think cards are for people outside your immediate family to send to you. So I wouldn't. Really sorry about your granddad, take care of yourself.

Thanks Puppy, that's what I thought. Think I will leave it then, they know I am there for them both if they need me, a card won't change that I guess! thanks

Snowstorm Sat 18-Jan-14 16:49:36

Really sorry to hear of your loss. When it happened to me, I sent a letter to my grandmother - telling her how sorry I was and how much I'd loved him too and adding some of the best things about him and some of my favourite memories that I was going to always cherish.

I don't think there's a right or wrong if it's from the heart.


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