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Ectopic Pregnancy.......Help

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smellymelly Mon 01-Mar-04 11:30:24

Has anyone had 2 ectopic pregnancy's????

I had one last Nov, after falling pregnant while on mini pill, which ruptured at 6 weeks ( was told that was very early ), in Paris while on 'romantic' weekend!!!! They operated (and looked after me very well) by taking out one of my fallopian tubes as well as 'baby'. We are getting over the devastation now, and are planning our wedding for July 04.

We hope to try for a baby as soon as we are married (I have 2 from previous relationship) and we are very worried about.......

1. will I find it more difficult to get pregnant with just one tube?

2. Very scared of having another ectopic, how common is it to have more than 1?????

If anyone has any knowledge of this would love to hear, as GP's are very kind but Can't give me enough answers......

bundle Mon 01-Mar-04 11:33:45

smellymelly, have no experience myself but a friend had an ectopic when she was on holiday a few years back, had lifesaving surgery & now is the mum to a lovely 1 yr old girl
good luck

harman Mon 01-Mar-04 11:43:50

Message withdrawn

twiglett Mon 01-Mar-04 11:57:36

message withdrawn

smellymelly Mon 01-Mar-04 12:57:35

Yes more info would be gratefully received,
eg. was she on mini pill, had coil, or PID etc ?
Also how quickly did she get pregnant 2nd time?
Did docs give any reasons? etc etc

Thanks for advice, I never thought about internet searches (mushy brain since motherhood!!)
I found 1st website imformative but am still interested to hear from 'real' people. It was such a scary experience for us both, would like to see light at the end of the tunnel.....

harman Mon 01-Mar-04 13:07:05

Message withdrawn

bundle Mon 01-Mar-04 13:08:18

my friend got pregnant again fairly quickly, within a year I'd say. she was told she had a higher chance of having another ectopic but not sure on figures.

nutcracker Mon 01-Mar-04 13:15:57

My cousin had an ectopic pregnancy last year, after ttc for ages. She is now pregnant again, and everfything is going fine

tillymint Mon 01-Mar-04 19:36:21


Stop fretting right now!!
I had an ectopic in 2000 at 10 weeks. Lost a tube. And major operation.
I did find it difficult to concieve, but I was 37. Also I became so obsessed, and consequently depressed, that it all became counter productive.
Eventually, I saw a homeopath to regulate my cycle, and get my head in order. And a refexologist to calm me and improve my general wellbeing.
Last July, at 40 yrs old, I gave birth to a perfect baby girl. AND, unintentionally, I AM PREGNANT AGAIN.

You are welcome to ask me as many questions as you need to. I can't beleive I'm the only one to reply with experience. Come on MNs, smelly needs to feel positive!

Furball Mon 01-Mar-04 20:51:07

My cousin had an ectopic and a tube removed. She now has had 4 children in 7 years.

Furball Mon 01-Mar-04 20:53:12

I meant her first pregnancy was ectopic.

Jezebel Mon 01-Mar-04 20:53:27

My mum ttc for 2 years before she had me. Teh had ectpic and then pg with sister at 'first time of asking' - her words

webmum Mon 01-Mar-04 20:57:46


there is a site in ectopics, if you ahven't found it already, I can't do links sorry but it's this:

I had an ectopic but was lucky enough not to have my tubes removed, I now have a 3yold and I (think) am pregnant again....but I always fear an ectopic until I see that heartbeat on the screen!!

Best of luck

Mirage Tue 13-Apr-04 21:36:03

Smellymelly,hugs to you.

I'm sorry for your loss & sorry I didn't see your message earlier.Hopefully you will have visited the Ectopic Pregnancy Trusts website-they are a life saver- literally.

I just wanted to give you some positive feedback.

I had an ectopic pregnancy in Sept 2002.It hit us very hard,as we had been ttc for over 3.5 years & were about to go for IVF.We had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.Ironically I had had a lap & dye test the prevs year which showed that my tubes ect were perfect,so still don't know why it happened.

Anyway to cut a very long story short,I was told that my chances of another ectopic were now 2 in 100 instead of the average 1 in 100,but that because of my previous IF diagnoses,it would be a miracle if I even managed to get pregnant again,without help.

I don't know who was more shocked,me or the Drs,when 7 wks later,I was pregnant again & the baby was in the right place.My little miracle is asleep upstairs now.

Sorry Iv'e gone on a bit,but I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to have a healthy baby after an ectopic-even if you are told that the odds are against you.

If you want to ask any questions or chat,just email me & I'll be glad to help.

gothicmama Tue 13-Apr-04 21:45:15

Just add support and say I had an ectopic and then went on to conceive naturally (amazing doctor as I was just about to start IVF) but hey I also have only one tube but apparently it should not really affect chances as the ovaries do not take it in turns it is which ever side matures first anyway best wishes

smellymelly Fri 16-Apr-04 09:56:38

Thankyou for your recent messages, it helps to know that most people do not suffer from two ectopics.

What a great story Mirage

I have found some really informative websites who gave me more info than any gp or even my gynae. In fact my gynae was pretty, bloody useless!!!

Still, we are ttc on and off at the moment, so fingers crossed....

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