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struggling to forgive

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nightbird80 Wed 11-Dec-13 02:03:42

My dad died when I was just a teenager. As a result I was especially close to my mum. After all she was my only parent for more than half of my life. Duribg her funeral I was the strong one. Partly for the benefit of my 2 dc. However, at home after the funeral I cried. (Probably mning). Dh asked me why I was crying a d made the same mistake later that week. My 1st xmas without her was mainly spent with inlaws. Mil gave a daft answer to a question and sil said something along the lines of well at least your mum can't embarrass you.
I am struggling as This christ is going to be spent with inlaws doing exactly what we did duribg that 1st christmas without my mum. Starting to dread it tbh.

Grokette Wed 11-Dec-13 04:48:00

I'm sorry you've lost your mum nightbird flowers

It's shit, isn't it? I've a certain sense of dread around Christmas time for similar reasons. This will be my third Christmas without my mum. My inlaws are at best insensitive and melodramatic, and MIL likes to tell all and sundry how tragic my mum's death was, and how devastated she still is - MIL met my mum once ffs!

I always feel like there's no space for me to grieve, if that makes sense. This time of year is very, very hard. I really have no practical advice, just a bit of sympathy and commiseration.

nightbird80 Wed 11-Dec-13 09:53:45

Thank you and sorry for your loss too. X

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