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trace2 Mon 17-Jul-06 17:15:02

ive been told am miscarring from last week , only 4 weeks, ive had loads of pain, but today its setteled down, now i am flooding every time i stand up, getting a little scared, i thought i lost most of it over the weekend, do i phone gp, he said it would be like af, but its loads of clots too, please help dont want to worry dh

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beansprout Mon 17-Jul-06 17:16:20

Sorry to hear this . Can you call nhs direct?

cece Mon 17-Jul-06 17:17:12

Trace if I were in youir situation I would phone NHS Direct for advice. I have done so several times and they are always great. I had an ERPC when I had my mc so no other practical advice. S

So sorry it must be awful for you.

trace2 Mon 17-Jul-06 17:19:10

thank you, ive posted over pain earlier now this i think am going to have to phone them, just dont want to have d&c, as this will mean i have to wait longer to try again

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Yorkiegirl Mon 17-Jul-06 17:29:03

Message withdrawn

wools Mon 17-Jul-06 19:44:50

Am sorry you're going through this Trace....It sounds a lot like the miscarriages I've had.....Flooding and lots of clots - it's very normal but also frightening.

Northerner Mon 17-Jul-06 19:47:06

No, no no no no.....

OMG am so sorry Trace, why does this have to happen?

It does sound normal tbh, look after yourself and rest.

Life's shit sometimes.

Yorkiegirl Mon 17-Jul-06 22:07:58

Message withdrawn

trace2 Mon 17-Jul-06 22:09:34

hi yorkie girl, i do feel a little better now, its very scary

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