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My brother was murdered last night.

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MetallicHighlights Wed 04-Dec-13 21:17:51

That's it, really. He was stabbed to death on his doorstep. Just been staring at the photo of his house with the forensic tent outside on the BBC website.

I've been spamming FB with maudlin photos but reckon my friends there have probably had enough by now, so have come here to rant instead.

DD (14) adored him. She is being very brave. DS doesn't know yet as it's his 5th birthday today and I wanted him to have one more day of fun before he learns that life is shit.

So how do we get through this?

Pancakeflipper Wed 04-Dec-13 21:31:06

Oh you poor thing.
You will get through this ( but it is really hard and a rollercoaster).

The Police can offer and find you support through the Family Liaison Officer. Ask them for help.
There are several organisations like . They can support you and help you get through practical things and offer emotional support.

Bowlersarm Wed 04-Dec-13 21:32:38

So so sorry OP. Words aren't enough. Sympathies to you and your family.

diva100 Wed 04-Dec-13 21:32:40

I'm sorry for your loss, may his soul RIP.

CocktailQueen Wed 04-Dec-13 21:34:03

How absolutely awful. I am so, so sorry. Lots of hugs to you.

MetallicHighlights Wed 04-Dec-13 21:34:04

Thanks Ewe. I am already feeling sick at the thought of the court case. There's someone in custody now. It just seems so stupid - he was the least confrontational man you would ever come across. He got engaged at 17 because he proposed to his girlfriend when pissed and was far too scared of her to break it off when he sobered up

I miss him.

InTheRedCorner Wed 04-Dec-13 21:34:51

I am so sorry. Life is really shit sometimes.

Winston wish helped my DD when we had a sudden death of a loved one.

NCISaddict Wed 04-Dec-13 21:35:12

So sorry for your loss OP. May you find strength for the days ahead.

Pawprint Wed 04-Dec-13 21:35:31

Oh dear OP how colossal a sorrow for you. I have also lost a beloved sibling in appalling circumstances, but she chose to die rather than continue with medical treatment.

To have a sibling die by murder is horrendous. So sad for you.

ParsingFancy Wed 04-Dec-13 21:36:07

He sounds like a fabulous uncle. Did your DC manage any castle trips with him?

BigBoobiedBertha Wed 04-Dec-13 21:36:14

I am so sorry for your loss. What a horrific thing to happen!

stickysausages Wed 04-Dec-13 21:36:44

I'm so sorry for your loss. I see someone has been arrested, I hope your family get justice for your brother. Can't imagine how shocked you must all be, please take up offers of support, from the police organisations, victim support & also from your gp if you're not coping or sleeping etc.

Again, I'm so very sorry thanks

sebsmummy1 Wed 04-Dec-13 21:37:07

I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm absolutely sure that none of your friends are sick of you talking about it. I imagine they just don't know what to say and feel helpless.

MetallicHighlights Wed 04-Dec-13 21:37:26

Haven't met the Family Liaison Officer yet though they've been working with my mum and dad today. We're a couple of hours away. Mum arranged for my lovely colleagues at work to be the ones to tell me so I didn't have to have the police come round to do it. They managed to withhold his name and picture till DD got home so I could tell her then.

Thank you all for your kind words. thanks

youarewinning Wed 04-Dec-13 21:37:49

I'm so sorry to hear your news. sad

moldingsunbeams Wed 04-Dec-13 21:38:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MetallicHighlights Wed 04-Dec-13 21:40:02

ParsingFancy we counted up how many castles DS had been (dragged) along to when he was about 2, and it was well past 50! One year Jon set himself the target of 100 castles in a year, and he managed it as well.

And that has just set me off again, because he was supposed to be coming over to go to Harewood Castle some time soon and now he won't.

McFox Wed 04-Dec-13 21:40:21

So sorry x

afullroux Wed 04-Dec-13 21:40:25

Oh, I'm so, so sorry. How horrendous. Thinking of you.

Manchesterhistorygirl Wed 04-Dec-13 21:40:51

Oh metallic I'm so, so sorry for your lost. Your brother sounds like a really fantastic bloke. What an appalling thing to have happened. Sending my thoughts to you all.

XmasLogAndHollyOn Wed 04-Dec-13 21:41:26

I am so sorry to hear this OP. What a truly horrible thing to happen. Rant away, talk away. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you and your family right now.

Sophiathesnowfairy Wed 04-Dec-13 21:44:06

I am so sorry for your loss it seems there will be a huge gap left by him. I hope you gp have good family and friends to lean on. thanks

out2lunch Wed 04-Dec-13 21:44:43

this is awful.sending a hug to your brotherxx

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Wed 04-Dec-13 21:44:51

Metallic I am so sorry for your loss. Please keep posting and telling us about your brother, as much as you want or feel able x

MoreThanChristmasCrackers Wed 04-Dec-13 21:44:53

I am so sorry, and can't imagine what you all must be going through.
It just seems so senseless for such a lovely man to be taken like this.
May he RIP thanks

tombakerscarf Wed 04-Dec-13 21:44:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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