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My mum has gone.

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Mouseface Mon 25-Nov-13 18:08:24

I'm so sorry but this is going to be very long.

My wonderful mum passed away, aged just 59, in my arms, on Saturday morning at 3.20am, with her children, husband and her closest sister all holding a part of her fragile frame.

She told me she would never forgive me for moving away from my home town, ever. I can't get that out of my head but I hope that now, maybe she will, and in time those words will fail but it was the last thing of any clarity that she said to me.

My parents found out on Wednesday that she had very aggressive lung cancer (Adenocarcinoma) and Lymphangitis which meant it had spread to her lymph nodes, it had taken hold so terribly quickly, (I knew when I saw her a few weeks ago that she had cancer, she had that 'look' and I told my dad that, I knew, I just knew, when he emailed me saying it was a just chest infection and that her MS was causing complications), that she wouldn't have coped with chemo or any kind of treatment come to think of it.

I think that she was fully aware of the fact that she had mere hours and not days, but she sat there telling us all that she was going shopping to get new PJs etc on Monday (today) when we all knew that she'd never see the sun rise on that Saturday morning. sad

They'd already drained 3 litres of blood from her left lung on Wednesday and said that they'd try to drain more blood from her lungs if she wanted but they said it would reabsorb.....

In other words, they were telling her there was no point putting her through such an uncomfortable procedure, when she only had hours to live.

She was very lucid and alert at times, talking as best she could to us about things that she'd done in her past, the things that we, her children, had gotten up to, and at others she was very distressed as she couldn't breathe.

I sort of pulled rank as my dad had gone for a much needed rest and asked for some metazalan, just to take the edge off her anxiety, she was already on morphine but I knew that we were all just doing palliative care when I walked into her room to find no monitors,, no drips, nothing - 'no alarms and no surprises'.

My aunt and I washed her, massaged her hands and feet as they'd swollen, she'd started to get sores and I asked for her to be catheterised, because she couldn't feel when she was weeing so they'd put pads in her underwear.

She was able to sip water but nothing else. They removed her NG when I got there and it was covered in blood, I was the only one with them in the room.

We took breaks and tried to have some food, always leaving two people with her to help her sit forward when she needed it but as the night drew in, we all knew that it was coming, death, it was so cold in that room and yet so very hot in the rest of the ward.

She grew more pale and but became increasingly restless so again, I asked them for some sedation, they gave her some more morphine, sedation and finally, finally, she stopped fighting and went to sleep. Peace filled the room, the silence was suddenly so loud, we could all hear the 'rattle' and that it wouldn't belong and to be very honest, I was wishing the time away as I watched her change before my eyes.

We all stood, all at once, just before she left us, as if we knew, not saying a word to one another. I was the second to hold her, to save goodbye, my younger sister first, she stopped breathing in my arms and I checked her pulse, told my dad she'd gone, made my brother say goodbye and then dad held her.

He broke down, begging, screaming and pleading with her to come back, asking her what he'd do now? What would her do without her to look after, he needed her, time and again asking her to come back, change her mind.

That was crippling to see. She was only 59. We managed to get him to sit once he'd let that out but I will never, ever forget that or the way she looked when she left her body.

I managed to get some time alone with her once she'd gone, as we waited for the nursing staff to come and arrange her, so I held her close and told her that there would be no more pain, no more medication, or tests, or fear, or worry, no more waking wondering how much her body would ache that day, or go to bed wondering if she's wake and be able to move because of her MS.

I told her that we'd moved to give DD and DS (Nemo, she loved calling him Nemo - our little survivor) a better quality of life and that if we hadn't, Nemo might not have made it because we'd have been assigned to a different hospital and everything happens for a reason.

DD has a boyfriend and is so happy at school, has wonderful friends, and is at last settled here, as are we. I told her to go and find the friends that she'd lost, our family who had gone before her, that they'd be waiting for her and just how much I loved her and always would. The nurses came in and I let them do what they needed.

I told her I'd look after dad and I stayed with him until DH came on Sunday for me at 3.30pm, then we left Dad to grieve, be with her, walk around the house, doing what he had to.

I slept in her sewing room, with her things around me for a few hours and let him sleep until he woke around 1pm, and then people came to see him, quick drink and left, knowing he needed to be left.
Everyone who needed to know, knows, and he has lots of support where he lives, and around but I'm so scared that he may give up, he might just stop. He is so fragile, and so lost without her, his best friend and the love of his life. sad

I could sense her here on Saturday night, I could smell her hair as they'd showered her and blow dried her hair that morning, before I got there... she wanted to 'look nice for me'

I'm not sure what I'm going to do without my mum, DD (almost 15) knows and dreadfully upset, she was so very close to her, even though we live away from there now. Nemo wouldn't understand. He didn't even ask where she was.... he has a mental age of 2.5/3 even though he's 5 in May so why would he? We'll tell him when he asks and if the time feels right before then.

Sorry for any typos and for such a long sad post but I wanted to let this out, and here was the only place to do that without being scared to say the words I needed to. sad

I've arranged the flowers and the announcement for the newspaper as my father had asked me to today.... now we just have to wait until next Wednesday when we get to say goodbye one last time.

I know that it won't be my mum in the coffin, it's just the body she was given... I know that she will remain close to us all, even though we live somewhere else now and the fact that she is no longer be in pain, suffering, day in, day out is such a comfort but I know that her leaving hasn't really sunk in yet.

Maybe it will next week......

Thank you for reading this. xx

Mouseface Fri 13-Dec-13 21:43:12

Thank you Faire and Shabba

My DH, DD and Nemo are all ill and I'm exhausted! Coughs are horrific for trying to sleep. sad

I bought a 'For Grandad at Christmas' card this week, not to Grandma and Grandad card, and a Dad card, not Mum and Dad.............. so shit. sad

Night all I'm, going to try and post on the parent thread soon, I've lurked and seen how lovely they all are, I just have to be brave xxx

Night all. Special hugs Shabba - update me if you get chance sweetheart xxx

mistlethrush Sat 14-Dec-13 08:52:25

mouse - I hope that you all feel better soon - do any of you need to get something to help from the Drs?

Mouseface Sat 14-Dec-13 17:54:10

Hello lovely Mistle smile

I'm going to the docs on Monday and I'm going to tell him about my mum dying, he's been my GP for 8 years so he knows me very well, he's my 'unofficial' rock on the medical side of my life. He's helped me lots with pain management etc over the years.

DH is going too as he has a lump <wibble> that moves when he coughs, so it could be a hernia. He always has a horrid cough, I mean really horrid. Deep and so loud.

DD is run down and much brighter today and Nemo seems to be on the right side of his cough now. He's got reflux and hasn't a one single reflux free month/week/day this year, he has really suffered with his secretions!

His feeding tube doesn't help him. I think that gets covered in thick mucus and blocks his nose more. Roll on the summer! Even though summer this year he was as bad. Winter is worse. He has a nurse who sees him every couple of weeks so we're good on that front.

Thank you for asking. That is lovely of you xxx

I am making DH's life hard I know, he's not sure what to do for the best..... or what he's going to be met with each time he speaks to me. We're snappy. I'm snappy.

Nasty or nice or meh....

Things are so fraught at times. I want to close my eyes and it all to go away.

mistlethrush Sat 14-Dec-13 18:27:41

I'm very glad to hear that the children are feeling better - at least with them less poorly its not quite so difficult to look after them - which hopefully will mean that your DH will get a bit more rest.

Its not surprising that you're snappy with all that you've got on and had on your plate recently. I think talking it through with the Dr is a very good idea and its certainly better for your DH to go if he's got a lump that's worrying. I hope all goes well on Monday and will be thinking of you then.

Mouseface Sat 14-Dec-13 23:11:28

Thank you Mistle xxx

shabbatheGreek Sun 15-Dec-13 09:22:01

Good idea about seeing the GP. I turned down help that was offered after my sons died......put on the pin on smile and pretended that I was 'fine thanks!!' Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever done.

Im off to my parents house......Mum says the whole house needs 'bottoming' for Xmas!!! Dad slipped down his drive last night....their house is raised up off the main road and they have steps (with a hand rail fitted especially for them) or the drive.....his little great grand-daughter was visiting with her Daddy and he insisted on holding her hand and going down the drive. He says he is OK!! Also two of his teeth have fallen out this very sad.....he has oral cancer so I suppose this has to be expected. My first love sad

Hope you get some help fom the GP - take anything he offers xxxxx

Mouseface Sun 15-Dec-13 22:57:10

Oh Shabba - we are so alike! So much pain...

We lost triplets at 16wks gestation. I know that we didn't get to 'meet' them as such but DH is putting the Christmas lights on their little tree tomorrow smile

I've been in bed ALL DAY. With and without Nemo at times, it was lovely, I was up with him last night, he was sick and very distressed.

We'd had little sleep, so had a 'bed' day whilst DH did the housework, God love him, and walked the dog, cooked his dinner and made sure DD was ok, fed, watered etc, plus he took Nemo to the park and to feed the ducks so that I could rest.

I spoke to my Dad tonight... he wants me to help write the words that are going on the plaque that will go where Mum's going to finally rest, in a lovely Garden Of Remembrance at the Crematorium.

He told me I'm very good with words, so I'm honoured.

I told him that I had bought my Christmas cards.... he said that he found the card that my Mum had bought for him. She'd not written it yet, but the words inside were always ever so carefully chosen, to reflect how she felt/feels? about him..... loved.

I broke down at that point. I want to see her. I want my Dad to see her, one last time, to say what was unsaid all of those times...

Except for the fact that if we got that 'one last time' we'd want another, and another, and some more............

So, when Dad gets here next Sunday, we'll hug and cry, love and laugh... my sister and her four children, brother and his partner, and my Dad's Mother are going to be at Mum & Dad's for Christmas dinner at the house, the home that I grew up in, where I was loved unconditionally, for years and years... Just as it should be.

At first he (Dad) wanted to be alone, or just go see his own Mum, now he'll have a houseful, which is what Mum always loved.... Busy, noisy, family! I just hope he can cope.

Living an hour and 20 away, I'll only get to hear about it, which does hurt a little but then again, I doubt I'd cope being around the table without my Mum, she was the heart of the family, the pulse, the rhythm and the flow....

Anyway, I need to go to bed. I need to ask for sleep to come and envelop me....

I'm going to speak to the Doc tomorrow. My Dad's been given sleepers and signed off until January 6th.... which is great news to me.

He has to rest and grieve and then he has to start to move. In which direction is up to him, but he has to move. I miss him too.

Goodnight kind friends, for posting and supporting me.

Your words help more than you know.

I'll update you tomorrow. I doubt that the Doc will prescribe anything given the about of medication that I already take for my pain and disability. We'll see.

Thank you again for responding and caring. xxx

RibenaFiend Mon 16-Dec-13 08:28:42

Mouse I am so so sorry for your loss.

shabbs Sun 22-Dec-13 18:48:41

Thinking about you, especially at this bloody difficult time of the year. Sending my love and thoughts to you xxxx

Skogkat Sun 22-Dec-13 20:20:49

I am so sorry for your loss thanks

shabbs Tue 31-Dec-13 18:21:51

Thinking about you on this most difficult of all days - bloody New Years Eve!!!!

Nothing else to say that doesn't sound 'stupid and wrong' just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts


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