How to feel as that date approaches

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Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jul-06 22:56:38

Message withdrawn

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Northerner Sun 02-Jul-06 23:01:09

I have no idea Yorkie, I still have this to come in November. Hate seeing teh due in Nov thread in active convo's too........

It's bound to be sad, and probably not many other people will realise why I guess.

Sorry, I'm babbling, but I feel for you hun.


alex8 Sun 02-Jul-06 23:02:17

I've been wondering this too. I would have been due next month. I am going on holiday in that period which may help. But it will be much worse if am not pregnant by then and I have positive feelings that I will be.

Will watch this thread.

alex8 Sun 02-Jul-06 23:03:18

I meant I have no positive feelings that I will be.

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jul-06 23:06:13

Message withdrawn

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Northerner Sun 02-Jul-06 23:07:30

No not odd, I know what you mean. Us women are odd creatures!

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jul-06 23:09:03

Message withdrawn

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desperate2bmum Mon 03-Jul-06 11:01:00

hi yorkie
i too have all this to come my baby was due new years eve and i found out it had died on my birthday two "special" dates i will never forget but this is a poem my friend sent to me

There are people everywhere
Who, exactly just like you,
Understand the trials
And the pain youre going through.
For, at some time in their lives
They have seen dark shadows fall
And have felt that there is no one
Who could answer to their call.
yet, somehow they made it through
And found the strength within
To find acceptance of how things were
And to once again begin.
They are living proof that every cloud-
Even those of darkest grey-
All eventually pass by
To bring along a brand new day.
So, please just hang on in there
And keep tight hold of belief
That beyond them there are rainbows
That very soon will bring relief.

cece Mon 03-Jul-06 12:05:40

I'm also wondering how I will cope come Oct/Nov when I was due. Keep thinking I should be 24 weeks now

Northerner - me too I hate seeing due in Nov thread too.

Guess you will feel sad - it would be nice to think other people will remember why - but I wonder if they will.

I am also leaving my job soon. I should have been going on maternity leave so I am actually dreading my leaving party. If I get drunk I am bound to cry and blurt it all out - not manyu people know about the mc.

megglevache Mon 03-Jul-06 12:08:33

Message withdrawn

FN Mon 03-Jul-06 14:43:07

Hi Ladies, so sorry for your losses on here, now I can say this as I have just gone past my first anniversary EDD and I would say it wasn't what I expected. I think as long as you prepare yourself and accept that yes its a sad occasion and its ok to be sad and express your emotions whatever they maybe thats a start. I was away the weekend with the family which was nice and then the day was after my return. I went to the garden centre this weekend and chose some plants that would flower each year from June through the summer and I must say this morning I looked out at them and felt a sense of peace and rememberance. I will be doing this again in October for the next angel as I think it helped.

Yorkiegirl Mon 31-Jul-06 20:08:35

Message withdrawn

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trace2 Mon 31-Jul-06 20:13:20

hi Yorkiegirl will be thinking of you i've thought of lighting a candle the day my edd is due

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