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Double Funeral.. flowers? Extended family?

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ameliasmama89 Sun 13-Oct-13 12:56:55

Thank you for your quick replies. I like the idea of simple rose and a poem smile and easy to transport too. Yes, I agree flowers aren't everything and saying goodbye is the important part. Just being there should be enough.. I'm slightly excited too cause my baby girl will finally get to meet that side of the family at the wake. I have asked about flowers when my uncle died and his son was clueless, as most men are. Lol!

mirry2 Sun 13-Oct-13 12:56:26

I only send flowers if I'm not going to the funeral

inmyheadimthequeen Sun 13-Oct-13 12:47:36

Some families prefer not to have them or only to have one wreath from immediate family (i.e your uncle's wife and children, if there are any). Have you asked? You can ask the funeral home if you don't feel you can ask the family directly. Whether flowers are wanted or not, you don't have to give/take them at all - it's not compulsory. You could send a donation to a charity in memory of your uncle, sometimes a specific charity is suggested or you could donate to a cause that you know was close to his heart. Most important thing is that you say goodbye to your uncle, try not to tie yourself in knots worrying about flowers for your Nan because it's not what the funeral/day is really about.

curlycreations Sun 13-Oct-13 12:45:45

a single rose, attach a letter or poem to it if you wish

ameliasmama89 Sun 13-Oct-13 12:39:44

My Dad's twin brother died end of last month, and still hasn't had a funeral. My Dad'S Mum also died early hours of this morning. My Dad died 3 years and his twin brother was brilliant helping with the funeral planning, sorting out belongings etc.

On the other hand, there's My Dad's mum. She literally wrote them all off when they were tiny, put them all into care. Had them back, but then put them back into care again. I've seen her a matter of 10 times my whole life. If it was a single funeral just for her, I wouldn't be going.

My question is about flowers. Do I get identical set for both or a simpler set for my 'Nan' Eileen?

I've also got to think about cost. I already know I can't afford to send them via a florist so would have to but bouquet/s and take with me. Also, I've got to think about cost of getting there. it's about £25 alone for train fare return, then taxis to and from the wake afterwards. I'm looking at about £60 already. Any suggestions on something other then flowers?

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