my memorial plaque has finally arrived

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slinkstah Wed 21-Jun-06 23:03:28

i ordered a memorial stone plaque off the internet and its shit! so many mistakes in it! 14 to be exact. its not something i want to have to complain and kick a fuss about its something that would finally close the book on my babys death and enable me to try and move on past it as its been over a year!

the typing is the wrong size, there are sections which have been italic, there are no spaces where i asked for spaces, there are double spaces bettween some of the letters, there are capital letters where there shouldn't be, there is even an apostropy missing and the whole fliping text is on a small slant too, its a complete bodge!!!!!

i sent them a picture and they said they could do it exactly as i had asked!

why are people so crap??? is it just me or does anyone else feel like this? i now do not know what to do.

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moondog Wed 21-Jun-06 23:07:02

slinkstah,how dreadful!!!
I would cancel the whole order and go elsewhere.

God,this is the last thing you bloody need!

harpsichordcarrier Wed 21-Jun-06 23:10:01

god that's horrible
sorry to hear that slinkstah
I would cancel the order too

Pixiefish Wed 21-Jun-06 23:12:37

you have rights under the distance selling laws.

Send it back, with a letter requesting your money back.

Contact a local undertaker/monumental stonemason adn ask them to make you one.

So sorry this has happened xx

slinkstah Thu 22-Jun-06 00:35:36

ive got dp to write an email to them, its a shame as it would have been really nice if done right. They did get one thing right which was my babys footprints on it they do look really great- and are the right size too.
it just was a shock, i hate it when things like this happen. well i will just wait and see what the company who made it say to dp's email.

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Californifrau Thu 22-Jun-06 00:50:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arabica Thu 22-Jun-06 14:39:07

That's the last thing you need right now! Angry on your behalf.

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