feeling at an all time low today

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desperate2bmum Wed 21-Jun-06 12:14:46

i dont know where to start really just need to get a few things off my chest. I started to m/c exactly a week today and i thought i was getting on top of things my boss expects me back at work tomorrow!
i wake up this morning to find that i have been bleeding heavily yet again...i thought it was supposed to get easier i just want this whole ordeal to end as it is tearing me up inside.
i try talking to DP to tell him how i feel and my concerns if we try again and he can only reply dont talk about it it will bring us down i dont want to get depressed. i know this is probably his way of dealing with things but i need some reassurance.
i am sitting here in tears all i can think about is what we were going to do our plans for our happy little family that will be no more.
i have only just woken up my body clock is all out of sync and the sad thing is i come on here to read other stories similar to mine to pick me up and make me see there is light at the end of the tunnel.
im sorry for babbling i just got to get this out and move on.

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foundintranslation Wed 21-Jun-06 12:20:47

I'm very sorry for your loss.
Miscarriage is heartbreaking, gut-wrenching; I've been there and it really is like crashing down to earth face first from a great height.
Have you had a scan to check the mc is complete? If the bleeding starts up heavily again after tailing off it might be advisable.
The Miscarriage Association can be very helpful.
After a miscarriage the odds are still overwhelmingly in favour of your going on to have a successful pregnancy. I conceived my now one-year-old son three months after my miscarriage.
Hope that helps - thinking of you.

006 Wed 21-Jun-06 12:22:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Angsthase Wed 21-Jun-06 12:41:42

d2bm so sorry
What you are going through is totally normal. 006 is right - get yourself signed off for another week, you're obviously not ready to go back to work.

I'm no expert here (only had my m/c last month), but I think you should be prepared in the weeks (and probably months) to come to have ups and downs. If your DP isn't ready to talk about it come on here to rant - I know I have over the last month. It does get easier, but it's still there. Right now your hormone levels are all to pot in addition to everything else, so expect outbursts of emotion. Some times I can talk pragmatically about it and other times I burst into tears. All the MNers on here tell me thats normal and I'm beginning to believe it.

As for DP/DH's. My DH is just starting to talk more openly about it now. I just think boys need a bit longer to come to terms with it before they open up.

Your dream for a family is not over. Take time to come to terms with your loss and then you can think about ttc again - when you're ready.

Thinking of you {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

littlefrog Wed 21-Jun-06 12:47:39

I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling miserable. I miscarried at the start of June, and it's still really tough. I initially took a week off work and thought I'd be fine going back then. But I couldn't, I just sat and wept, and in the end took the whole of the second week off as well. In many ways I found the second week much harder just because I'd been expecting things to start getting easier. Do give yourself some time - not necessarily alone, but peacefully. If you have friends who don't work could you spend time with them? My sister (on maternity leave with 5 month baby) came up to see me several days and that was brilliant. I hope things get a little easier soon.

desperate2bmum Wed 21-Jun-06 12:52:48

thankyou for all your kind words, my fried has just sent me this dear poem and id like to share it with you.

Words Of Inspiration!

There are people everywhere
Who, exactly just like you,
Understand the trials
And the pain you’re going through.
For, at some time in their lives
They have seen dark shadows fall
And have felt that there is no one
Who could answer to their call.
yet, somehow they made it through
And found the strength within
To find acceptance of how things were
And to once again begin.
They are living proof that every cloud-
Even those of darkest grey-
All eventually pass by
To bring along a brand new day.
So, please just hang on in there
And keep tight hold of belief
That beyond them there are rainbows
That very soon will bring relief.

((hugs)) to you all xx

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