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Dad's birthday on saturday x x x miss him

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ep1977 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:21:16

My dad died age 64 in 2010. Rushed into hospital on the Wednesday just days after my wedding day!! Spent 2 weeks in hospital.. improved...worsened then passed away on the Wednesday. He was getting married early September that year!! Time doesn't really heal does it?

karinmaria Thu 05-Sep-13 19:26:24

An un-Mumsnetty hug! Sorry for your loss x

My mum died earlier this year and its still so raw. I almost can't imagine being three years down the line.

Try to remember the good times and smile, even laugh, when you think of him. Will you be seeing any other family?

ep1977 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:41:29

No, they all live way.. went down to stay for a week with my dm, dsis and dbro for the anniversary of his death last month.

karinmaria... yes it's less raw but still think of him daily xxxx hugs to you and thanks for replying x

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Sat 07-Sep-13 20:37:39

Hey ep hope you're doing ok today.

My darling dad died 9 years ago in November, he was only 60. It makes me cry just to write that down.

It was his birthday in July and we went on holiday the day before which is often what we do so i am distracted on that day.

Much love and a another un mn hug xxx

ep1977 Sun 08-Sep-13 18:22:55

Thanks Hokey, really glad you responded, It's hard innit? Had a good cry yesterday and today a few time just tears rolling down as I was playing songs and they reminded me of him xx Its good to have a distraction, yesterday went with my dd to my niece's 2nd birthday party. So from 1 til 530 I had my mind on other things and surrounded by dh's family.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Mon 09-Sep-13 07:00:35

It is hard lovely, it really is. Glad you made it through ok, I find distraction the best thing so sounds like the party was a good move.

ep1977 Sun 15-Sep-13 22:18:36

thanks again hokey, yes it was a good distraction.

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