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Practical support for new widow mum of 3

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duchesse Mon 19-Aug-13 13:22:40

Poor woman.

I would imagine that number 1 help right now would be someone to accompany and drive her to all the places you need to go to when someone dies- ie registry office, funeral parlour etc. Is her English good? she may need someone who can speak her own language if not. Whilst this is happening she will need help with the children, especially if she's not all that used to looking after them on her own. You can't really drag three young children along to the registry office, funeral parlour etc. So taking the children to the park and feeding them seems like a good place to start. Also preparing meals etc... Does she have a network of friends locally?

HighJinx Mon 19-Aug-13 13:16:59

What a tragic loss for your neighbour sad

Someone with much more knowledge will be along soon but I do know that Winston's Wish here is a great charity for helping children deal with bereavement.

How lovely of you to want to help her so much.

ZenNudist Mon 19-Aug-13 08:38:18

My next door neighbour died suddenly this weekend. He leaves behind young wife (not yet 30) and 3 dc who are 4, 6 & 9. It's just awful.

His wife is not from the UK and she does night shifts hospital work whilst he did all of the childcare. He was a really active dad doing everything for his family. She doesn't even drive. She doesn't have much friend support & her family don't live here & his family are few & far away.

I'd like to be able to point her in the direction of who she should speak to about getting financial and possibly emotional support. Also ideas for practical help we can provide. If any one can offer any suggestions?

We live in Manchester Trafford area if anyone has local knowledge.

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