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In appreciation of mothers - the things I never said

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Wuldric Mon 19-Aug-13 02:50:44

Dear Mum

I am very sorry now, for the things I never said or did, and I wish I had been a better and more appreciative daughter. So I thought I would list out the ways in which I appreciate you, and was too ungracious to express at the time.

1. I appreciate the fact that you took care of the big things - stuff like love and books and people - not little things like stuff and materialism.

2. I appreciate the fact that you allowed me my independence and catered for my willful streak and never forbade, but always guided.

3. I appreciate your incredible bravery. The fact that you travelled the world and as a white girl married someone black when that was unthinkable. You and your kind made this the tolerant and pluralistic society that it is now.

4. I appreciate your erudition.

5. I appreciate your love and kindness to my children. Which was endless and boundless and they love you so very much.

There are very many more things. But as I cuddle my sobbing teenage daughter to sleep, I think of you. We are your legacy. We'll try to do you proud.

Thank you for everything. Safe journey.

TheYoniWayIsUp Mon 19-Aug-13 02:52:21


charitymum Mon 19-Aug-13 05:30:48

Lovely. Sorry for your loss but thank you for sharing. She sounds lovely.

Wuldric Mon 19-Aug-13 15:33:30

Thank you

stillbusy84 Thu 22-Aug-13 01:39:37

Beautiful. My mum was an amazing person too and i miss her so much. Especially since she didn't get a chance to meet her latest grandchild.

KellyGarcia Fri 23-Aug-13 10:25:46

This is one of the things I also regret. I totally took my lovely Mum for granted and feel so bad for the years I thought she was sooooooo embarrassing (typical teenager).

She died weeks before I found out I was pregnant. DS has just started school now and it was bittersweet as it just brought back all the memories of me starting school and I was thinking how my Mum probably cried when she got home from dropping me off on my first day. 3 time I picked up the phone and started to dial her number to tell her all about DS going into school for the first time and I just couldn't stop crying when I was already quite tearful at my baby growing up so quickly.

It is at times likes these milestone moments that I keep realising the things my Mum must have gone through in her life and I can't ask her about them now. I want to ask her how she felt and how she coped. I want to apologise for being such a horrible child at times and how much I loved her and still do. I just wish I could pick up the phone and talk to her. Everything feels so awful again with each milestone.

She went through so much in her life that I would love to know about from her rather than having to now ask relatives about everything. I am sure she would have a different perspective on things and would love to be here with me and her Grandsons. She was so maternal and I never realised it until now.

Thanks for this thread. I am missing her so much today.

FluffyDucky Fri 23-Aug-13 10:31:09

Wuldric, often mum's are good at knowing these things. It sounds like you love her very much and I'm sure she would have known this.
Its 2 years this month since my mum suddenly died, I still think about her a lot. It doesn't necessarily get easier in some ways, you sort of learn to live without them. Just make sure you are not too strong for other people's sake.
xxx flowerscakebiscuit

NoComet Fri 23-Aug-13 10:54:28

That beautiful, flowers

mummylin2495 Fri 23-Aug-13 11:08:11

Sorry for your loss. for any of you that are struggling we do have a thread in bereavement, " support for anyone who has lost a parent " please join us if you feel it would help you in anyway

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