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Walking together on a journey - sharing experiences, tears, anger and sometimes even laughter. United we stand, divided we fall.

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shabbatheGreek Tue 23-Jul-13 10:10:45

This special thread was started in 2008. Its a special place - one which nobody would ever willingly come to. I hope we pay tribute to our lost children by helping each other. xxxx

everlong Mon 18-Nov-13 16:55:52

Aw Shabs I'll say hello <waves>
How are you and things?

shabbatheGreek Mon 18-Nov-13 17:02:56

<<waves back>>

Hello missus......'things??' wink 'just another day in Paradise' my friend!!

Hows you and yours? xx

everlong Mon 18-Nov-13 17:13:42

LOL things as in your boys, family. Hope they're all doing well. Think about you and your mum and dad a lot..

We are all ' plodding on ' you know.
Ds4 had his op on his arm today, so just sat with him. He's ok.

shabbatheGreek Mon 18-Nov-13 17:23:50

That picture made me feel really sick - hope he is soon doing much better - it looked so painful!!!

Toms enjoying 6th form college, Dan, Em & Lew are doing good and Lew is loving year 1. Mum & Dad are..........peed off with life and not very well at all xxx

everlong Mon 18-Nov-13 17:49:49

It knocked me sick too. When they first arrived home after the accident and I saw him standing there white as a sheet and his arm like that I shut the door!

Sorry you're mum and dad aren't great.. so much worry for you.
But glad to hear the rest of your gang are good. Can't believe Tom is at 6 form!

shabbatheGreek Mon 18-Nov-13 18:23:29

Neither can I love - he is enjoying every minute and seems to be growing up so quickly. xx

shabbatheGreek Tue 19-Nov-13 06:45:37

Morning girls xx

mumof2teenboys Tue 19-Nov-13 07:32:22

Morning everyone

It's James' birthday today. I love that his friends post on his FB and remember him. I hate that he isn't here to go to the pub or whatever with them.

I just hate it. Happy Birthday beautiful boy xx

shabbatheGreek Tue 19-Nov-13 07:36:04

Happy Birthday James......wish he was physically here with you but glad that people remember him. xx

shabbatheGreek Wed 20-Nov-13 06:53:25

Morning girls xx

shabbatheGreek Wed 20-Nov-13 11:16:20

Oh my word!!!

Just watching 'This Morning' - a lady on with a reborn doll - Im not very keen on them - they really frighten me. Kept trying to figure out why I am so scared of them.

When I was pregnant with Tom I was very worried about cot-death. I talked to my amazing midwife and she said she would bring a mattress alarm for me and show me how to do recussitation on a baby. I never did use the alarm. She had a big black bag (which made me shudder because it looked like a body bag) and she took out one of those bloody reborn dolls. She handed me the doll and I still hadn't looked at it. Then she started to tell me what I should do.

I glanced down at the doll and there was Gareth staring back at me.....the doll looked so like him. I just started crying and pointed to his newborn picture on the wall. She cried with me and wrapped the doll up in a blanket and put it back in the bag.

I had forgotten that until I watched the item on 'This morning!'


shabbatheGreek Thu 21-Nov-13 19:45:36

Evening ladies - have had major problems with laptop - hopefully all sorted now!!

MiaAlexandrasmummy Thu 21-Nov-13 22:27:43

hello all. Smashed my phone totally, (as opposed to half-smashed, which is normal for me) to the point it won't let me do anything, so I have now discovered just how much I rely on it for - well - everything.

Gearing up for Mia's Ball on Saturday, all systems are go, and I think it is going to be amazing. People have been astoundingly generous, not only with donations, but also giving up so much time and skills to help us make it a success. I shall be wearing my wedding dress, which I wore when I was 4 months' pregnant with Mia.

Some things are turning full circle here, but in a good way. Shabba - do you remember when I had to tell the Tesco delivery man that my daughter had died? It was the first time I had said it to a stranger, I remember you telling me that it was the hardest that first time. Well, he delivered again today, and we talked about Mia, as well as Finn, and he said how happy he was for me. He had told me how he had lost a child, so his words meant a lot.

And Finn is on the move in a big way, touching anything and everything he can reach. There is a little napkin ring that Mia was given, and which she had put on a kitchen shelf, and I haven't wanted to move it, so has been sitting there ever since. Today Finn managed to reach it, and proudly clutched it as he crawled around the kitchen. Again, it seemed right that it was being played with once more.

shabba reborn babies… yes, even without your own experiences, I find them very unsettling. Seeing the CPR rubber baby was a similar moment for me.

everlong that was indeed a very upsetting photo, let alone seeing it in real life. So glad he has had the surgery now, hope the recovery is speedy and smooth.

mumof JAMES!!

shabbatheGreek Thu 21-Nov-13 23:22:20

Mias - the ball sounds wonderful - hope it all goes very well.

Did you know the delivery man had lost a child as well - or did he just tell you today?


shabbatheGreek Thu 21-Nov-13 23:24:28

Love the images I have, in my head, of 'Finn on the move!!' Also love it when our other children play with our precious lost childrens possessions. Really love it. I have sat for hours with my grandson while he plays with his two uncles toys and teddys. Its amazing watching them and always brings a smile to my face x

MiaAlexandrasmummy Fri 22-Nov-13 00:35:18

shabba Finn is just everywhere. I find little hands sneaking everywhere - getting the milk out of the fridge, investigating the pantry, playing cymbals with the saucepan lids. Chaos, but yes, good. And yes, it is wonderful watching him play with Mia's toys, especially her block trolley. I'm glad you get that simple pleasure too with your grandson.

The delivery man told me he had lost a child when I first told him about Mia, which was why I did want to tell him about both my children today, because I knew he'd understand.

shabbatheGreek Fri 22-Nov-13 08:39:09

Morning girls xx

Finn sounds great - I love that exploring age - my Matt used to be a climber!!! Used to find him half way up a bookcase within about 2 minutes grin He used to sit on the shelf just grinning with my heart racing and telling him to get down!!! Little monkey!

shabbatheGreek Sat 23-Nov-13 06:42:08

Morning girls xx

MiaAlexandrasmummy Sat 23-Nov-13 16:19:51

Hello. Only a few hours to go until the Mia's Wood ball begins. Feeling very emotional already. I know it will be a wonderful success, simply because there has been so much love put into making the evening special.

As my brother wrote to me today "She may have only been small, but look at the effect she has had on those people around you, friends, family and strangers. Her reach was well beyond her arms length."

All for you, darling girl. MIA!

shabbatheGreek Sat 23-Nov-13 17:03:55

Hope everything goes really well Mias x

Beautiful words from your brother as well xxxx

everlong Sat 23-Nov-13 17:38:44

Ah yes your brother is right. Mia has touched many people, even those who never met her.
I always think of her ( and you ) when I see autumn leaves.

Have a wonderful time tonight, will be thinking of you all xx

shabbatheGreek Sun 24-Nov-13 07:49:12

Morning girls xx

shabbatheGreek Mon 25-Nov-13 08:13:18

Morning girls - its freeeeezing up here!!

shabbatheGreek Tue 26-Nov-13 06:52:09

Morning girls xx

shabbatheGreek Wed 27-Nov-13 10:18:24

Morning girls xx

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