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Missireland1990 Tue 11-Jun-13 10:49:56

My sons father took his life this past march, our son was 5 days into his 7th month of life . Tragic to say the least . Our son is 9months now and it's getting tough that he is starting to do so much new things and I can't even contact his dad to let him know . His dad was in the USA going through a uk visa to come out to us in Belfast , he was to be here sometime in June. With June being here this is getting very hard emotionally sad

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fubbsy Tue 11-Jun-13 13:13:51

So sorry for your loss Missireland

Missireland1990 Tue 11-Jun-13 14:44:31

Thank you fubbsy

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MickeyMouseHasGrownUpACow Tue 11-Jun-13 14:46:10

I am so sorry. Do you want to talk about him?

Pancakeflipper Tue 11-Jun-13 14:46:50

How awful for you. You must have so many questions. How are you doing? Are you ok? Have you some good support?

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 17-Jun-13 17:41:19

im sorry for your loss - and even harder that he died in another country

my husband committed suicide just over 2 years ago due to severe depression sad

feel free to message me if you want to talk, or reply on here x

Missireland1990 Wed 19-Jun-13 00:10:27

Thank you all . I have support from my family and close friends . Just such a shocking death from a person I have been so attached to for just shy of 6 years . Just heartbreaking

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SodaStreamy Wed 19-Jun-13 00:22:49

Oh my.

I've been through this too and even though it's seven years on there are still days I look at the sky and scream 'why'

Why did you do this to me, is it my fault, could I have helped you or done anything different to stop it happening

I think I know now, I could I could not have done anything different but it still doesn't feel like a dagger going through my heart at times.

However it does , in a weird way, become this 'emotional' with time

Wishing you strength

Missireland1990 Wed 26-Jun-13 13:55:17

Thank you everyone

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